Mar. 2nd, 2006

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[ profile] princeofcairo corrects me on the proportions of dead in the English Civil War, the Thirty Years War, and the Confederacy in the US Civil War. This is what citations are for, folks.
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Paul and Heather McCartney are on Prince Edward Island today, protesting the seal hunt. CBC has a nice critical seal hunt FAQ.

As always, it's good when the two sides of a debate agree to go back to first principles to clarify things; as usual, this hardly ever happens.
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While on our Saturday excursion to Scarborough, [ profile] larkvi called my attention to the nature of light, about the way in which the frequency of ambient light changes in the course of the day. The light that falls in uniformly shadowed areas is blue, it turns out, refracted by our world's nitrogen-rich atmosphere and perfect (so [ profile] larkvi the photographer told me) for portrait photos.

[T]he universal Blue
Blue an open door to soul
An infinite possibility
Becoming tangible

Leaving Dooney's Cafe (511 Bloor Street West) this evening at 6:40, just before sunset, [ profile] talktooloose called my attention to the late evening sky that was visibly if you looked west down Bloor Street. Framed by the low-slung buildings and accented by the neo-blue signs of the Korean peninsula that adorn the Korean Business Area's lampposts, the sun's light created a rainbow hugging the horizon--red lowest, then stratified levels of range and yellow--before this light faded into a perfect cloudless blue.
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As a good student of Canadian literature, I've of course read some of the novels of Mordechai Richler. I've never had the chance to eat at one of Montréal's famed delis, though thanks in part to the chain migration triggered by the Highway 401 'refugees' leaving what they thought would soon be the independent Francophone nation-state of Québec, plenty of Montreal-style diners now exist in Toronto. Today, I decided to go try Mel's Montreal Delicatessen (440 Bloor Street West), and was rather pleased with what I found. The restaurant's colour scheme is cheerful, with walls as bright yellow as any of my legal pads, and brightly lit; the cute, efficient waiter finagled me into opting for the Montreal smoked meat sandwich, with two sides (coleslaw and potato salad in my case) and a 10 ounce glass of Red Baron Lager without provoking any resentment; the food itself was good, both in quantity and in quality. My only complaint with them is that they put so much smoked meat into they sandwiches and to make them impossible to hold. Otherwise, for $13.50 including tip it's a good deal indeed.
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