Mar. 21st, 2006

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Owing to planned changes in the content of my posts here, I'll be down for hopefully not too much longer. More later.
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[ profile] eveglass kindly typed up a detailed summary of Sunday's adventuring session. Poor Ivellios and that briefly-seen telepathic abyss.

The multitude of hominid species seen so far in the game--humans, elves, halflings, and dwarves--reminded me of something that [ profile] pompe had said a long time ago, about the surprisingly large number of comparable intelligent species competing for the same habitats in fantasy worlds. In our history, homo sapiens sapiens managed to emerge dominant, the Neandertal remnants in Ice Age Europe and the unfortunate subspecies of Flores being the exceptions that proved the rule. Would a different scenario really be possible?
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Time was pressing and Byron was painful, so we only caught two and a sixth episodes tonight, "Learning Curve" followed by thankfully little of the painful "Secrets of the Soul". All was redeemed by the and the Neil Gaiman-authored and Penn and Teller-starring "Day of the Dead

What was it? )
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