May. 24th, 2006

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Great fun indeed was had last night via a reunion of fellow graduates from the Queen's MA English program in the 2003-2004 timeframe, starting at the Ferret and Firkin on 720 Spadina Avenue and heading to Insomnia (563 Bloor Street West) just to the west and then, at night's end, to one of Toronto's many private residences for more catching up. This was all quite good indeed, the only problem being that the reunion had been too long delayed.
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Neil Clark's claim at The Guardian that an independent Montenegro will enjoy less autonomy and freedom than the old SFRY's autonomous Montenegrin republic is debatable, though I'm inclined to say that identifying a liberal Communist regime like that of Tito's Yugoslavia as an ideal is setting the bar awfully low. His claim that Yugoslavia's regime constituted an authentically viable alternate social and economic system, now, is risible. Is he intentionally forgetting Yugoslavia's exceptional dependence on the tourism income, workers remittances, and international loans that it needed to keep its economy viable, for a time, before its internal contradictions triumphed and brought the whole thing tumbling down?

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