Jun. 30th, 2006

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In the comments to my post yesterday on the wives of accused Islamist terrorists in Toronto, [livejournal.com profile] angel80 points out that the fact that many of the youths were in Mississauga might be critical.

While being in the top ten Canadian cities by population, Mississauga has few cultural institutions for a community its size due to its proximity to Toronto. It is by far the largest city in Canada without a daily newspaper (The Mississauga News is three days a week), and currently doesn't have any television stations or commercial radio stations. Mississauga is beginning to break away from its label as a "bedroom community" to Toronto... (Wikipedia)

They're teenagers! Planning a jihad must be way more exciting than hanging out in the shopping mall!

Indeed, whenever I have visited Mississauga myself, I've always been reminded of Gertrude Stein famous quote about her former home city of Oakland, California, that "There is no there there."

I wouldn't be surprised if boredom might indeed play a role in the decisionmaking processes of young bored men to take up revolutionary terrorism. For some people, the choice between the excitement of jihad and hanging out at Square One might actually be difficult. I also wonder if maybe, just maybe, Mississauga is Canada's closest equivalent to the famous poor banlieues of France, home to people disconnected from the wider urban area and lacking the social and other capital that they'd need to engage and enjoy themselves.

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