Oct. 18th, 2006

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The Latin Business Chronicle carries a report regarding Nicaragua's interest in building the Nicaragua Canal, an oft-discussed route that would connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans via Lake Nicaragua. If the canal was built, the income might well transform Nicaragua's economy, making the country one of the richest in Central America. "If" is the major question: The impoverished country would require foreign funding to build the canal, and international capital might well prefer a modernization and expansion of the existing Panama Canal to a second, entirely new project.
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YouTube's Eurythmics-related content has exploded rather pleasingly of late. Not only does the entire Savage video album, still not released on DVD, seem to have been uploaded, but all kinds of rarities are now available. I'd never known that there was a 1983 live version of "This Is The House", recorded in the famous London nightclub Heaven, to name a single example.

One video I'm happy to see online is "Don't Ask Me Why". "Don't Ask Me Why" is probably one of the strongest songs from Eurythmics' otherwise weak 1989 album We Too Are One, alongside the estimable "Angel" (I believed in you/Like Elvis Presley/Singin live from Las Vegas/(Where did you go?)"). I don't think that I'm alone in reading this song as an expression of the tensions that ended up breaking apart the Eurythmics for a decade. It's still a chanson bien fait, competently made up in a way that too many of the other songs from We Too Are One weren't.

The video for "Don't Ask Me Why," directed by Sophie Muller--the same person who directed the video for the Shakespear's Sister song "Stay"--is a classic.

When I first saw the video, with its saturated colour scheme and its apparent setting borrowed from the big band era, I was struck dumb. Muller managed to translate the passion of the song into video format so perfectly.
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