Nov. 23rd, 2006

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I finally watched three Battlestar Galactica television miniseries, watching it with J. last night. (Yes, I know that I'm terribly behind.) As I entirely expected after a couple of years of my friends' praise, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is excellent. The sex-driven venality of genius Gaius Baltar meshes nicely, via personal history and something close to madness with Tricia Helfer's chilly and genocidal yet somehow sympathetic Number Six, and the President Laura Roslin of Mary McDonnell--who, incidentally, I liked in the quite likeable 1992 film Sneakers--is decidedly formidable. The explanations given for Galactica's retrotech are entertaining and at least superficially plausible, especially in the context of the deadly offensive of the sleek God-fearing humanoid Cylons, who control a military machine with an Achilles heel lying in its too-rapid expenditure of ammunition against the Twelve Colonies.

I'd like to watch more. Should I root for the Colonists, or for the Cylons? J. has made his decision, but I can't help recalling how some of my friends who seemed to incline towards the latter race.
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