Dec. 13th, 2006

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It was a minor accident that I saw Monday morning, a burgundy-coloured compact leaving the parking lot of the grocery store just north of the intersection of Queen Street West and Dufferin too quickly, colliding with a glazier's truck with an alarming crash, and then turning and accelerating away, down Dufferin and onto Queen West, before I could do more than confirm that there were digits on its license plate. What impressed me most about it is that it just happened so quickly--five, ten seconds. The brevity of time seemed then and still seems disproportionate to the amount of hassle that this doubtless caused for both parties.
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The International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust currently being held in Tehran is profoundly stupid. As has been made abundantly clear by the chorus of global condemnation and incredulity, the Iranian government's active sponsorship of this conference does very little for the reputation of Iran, and is going to do nothing to avert the clash of civilizations that everyone seems to accept as inevitable. This sort of thing is exactly what one would expect from an internet troll, not from the president of a country that aspires to Great Power status. Then again, standards have dropped recently.
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