Jun. 30th, 2017

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Early Wednesday evening, I had a lovely stroll north up the Humber River from Bloor, passing through first Étienne Brûlé Park then Magwood Park on the eastern shore of the Humber. These parks were well-populated, by people taking in the warmth of the sun and by Canada geese basking by the shore.

Paddling down the muddy Humber

Slipping down to Étienne Brûlé Park

Old Mill Bridge from the north

Canada geese by the shore (1)

Canada geese by the shore (2)

Thundering Humber

South-flowing Humber by the mud


Towards Home Smith Park

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  • I've added Sean CW Korsgaard's Korsgaard's Commentary, a blog focusing on cultural reviews. In one interesting recent post, Korsgaard makes the case for the excellence of the 1999 film The Mummy.

  • Toronto writer and critic Drew Rowsome also has his own blog. He has recently shared his shortlist of picks for the Toronto Fringe festival.

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  • Bad Astronomy's Phil Plait talks about some new observations of the dusty ring of Fomalhaut.

  • Centauri Dreams reports on a new theory about the magnetic fields of Uranus.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money reports on a new Lin-Manuel Miranda mixtape referencing immigration, including the refugee crisis.

  • The LRB Blog reports on the terrible psychological toll of Grenfell Tower for the survivors, including the very young.

  • Neuroskeptic wonders if psychology papers might give criminals ideas.

  • The Volokh Conspiracy reports on a Canadian court ruling ordering Google to remove search results worldwide.

  • Window on Eurasia argues Russia must take care not to undermine protection for non-Russian languages in the republics, and describes a new total mobilization policy in Belarus possibly aimed against Russia.

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  • blogTO notes a pretty significant expansion of the University of Toronto's Robarts Library.

  • Spacing Toronto's John Lorinc argues that the plan for waterfront revitalization could be a gamechanger for Toronto as a city.

  • The Toronto Star's Laurie Monsebraaten notes that the number of young children in downtown Toronto is spiking.

  • VICE notes that Toronto housing has become as unaffordable as it ever has been.

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  • Ars Technica recommends five sights on the British coast to see before they are erased by global warming.

  • This Syracuse.com report about the upstate New York town of Sandy Creek, beset by Lake Ontario flooding, is alarming.

  • VICE's Kate Lunau notes the serious threat posed by sea level rise to coastal Canadian centres, from Halifax to Vancouver.

  • Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic notes that the US South, already badly off, will be hit hard by global warming.

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