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I spent yesterday evening down with a friend taking in Pride Toronto down at Church and Wellesley, wandering up and down the streets dense with people and vendors and venturing over into
Barbara Hall Park and the AIDS Memorial. It was a lovely evening, made all the more so by a late evening sky coloured in rainbow pastels.

Walking down Church

Toward the Wellesley stage

The new Glad Day Bookshop sign

Towards Maple Leaf Gardens

By the roses

Behind the DJ

Roses in pink and red


Rainbow lights and sky

Pastels above

Seven flags over the 519

As evening falls

South on Church

West on Wellesley
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Colour on wall

This pattern painted on the brick wall by Michael's Barber Shop is part of a wider mural painted on the south-facing side of the large brick building on the northwest corner of Church and Wellesley.
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Four tulips #toronto #red #tulips #flowers #churchandwellesley #wellesleystreet #buses #ttc

The four brilliant red flowers in the concrete garden box on the southern side of Wellesley stood up proudly under the bright sun yesterday.
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Looking northwest, Church and Wellesley

In the afternoon light, the condo towers of the Yonge and Bloor area loom over Church and Wellesley. The northwest corner of this intersection is likewise set for a massive transformation, a condoization. This scene will not be here for much longer.
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Pit, 2 #toronto #construction #wellesleystreet #11wellesley

Wellesley in the Park, a Lanterra Developments project at 11 Wellesley Street West, will one day rise 60 stories. Right now, the development is at the stage of being a hole in the ground.
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After visiting TCAF Sunday and having lunch with a friend at Not Just Noodles, I crossed the intersection of Yonge and Wellesley to buy some coffee at a Tim Hortons. There, I came across two cherry trees in full bloom.

Sakura in front of Tim Hortons, 1 #toronto #yongestreet #wellesleystreet #timhortons #cherryblossom #sakura

Sakura outside of Tim Hortons, 2 #toronto #yongestreet #wellesleystreet #timhortons #cherryblossom #sakura

Sakura outside of Tim Hortons, 3 #toronto #yongestreet #wellesleystreet #timhortons #cherryblossom #sakura

Sakura outside of Tim Hortons, 4 #toronto #yongestreet #wellesleystreet #timhortons #cherryblossom #sakura
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I blogged in the past about the prospects of putting up a park on vacant land owned by condo developers on Wellesley Street, between Yonge and Bay. Yonge Street Media's Paul Gallant reports on early proposals for such a park.

[T]his week, residents got a peek at what the 1.6-acre park slated for Wellesley Street between Bay and Yonge streets could look like. Landscape architects dtah presented concepts plans for the park based on what people have so far suggested for the space.

“People have talked a lot about wanting a green oasis, a respite from being in such a dense area. People talked about flexible spaces. For example, spaces that can be used as a market one day, for seating area another day or where kids can run around on another day,” says Corinne Fox, policy and standards development officer with Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

The unique opportunity came out of public demand for a park in the area, and the fact that Lanterra has two other adjacent properties on the block. “And so we were able to combine the parkland dedication of three developments to form a bigger park,” says Fox. Several years ago, Ward 27 councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam had lobbied the province, which had owned the land, to turn it into a park. Instead, it sold to Lanterra, leading Wong-Tam to lobby the developer to create a park next door to its 60-storey condo at 11 Wellesley. Council approved the development and park proposal in 2014. “If Lanterra had not worked with us, where a lot of the park is going to be would be mainly buildings,” says Fox.
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In a gorgeous photo essay, blogTO's Derek Flack notes just how the Sutton Place Hotel is being transformed into a condo.

A remarkable transformation is taking place at Bay and Wellesley streets. As the former Sutton Place Hotel is being converted to a condo that will be known as the Britt, the original building has been stripped to its bones leaving only a concrete and steel shell.

It's actually rather hard to believe that a Brutalist building could be stripped in such a way. When the process is complete, the new condo will retain virtually no aesthetic similarities with its predecessor. If you didn't know that its skeleton was preserved, you'd never think this wasn't a brand new construction project based on the renderings.

This is an intriguing moment in the conversion process. The old hotel has almost completely been extinguished, and the bright yellow steel support beams exposed as the core of the building's structural integrity. Despite its former concrete appearance, this is a building with a future glass facade on its upper floors.
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Closed for condos #toronto #yongestreet #condos

This entire city block of stores and restaurants, one block below Wellesley on Yonge Street, has been closed down. Condos will be here, sooner or later.


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