10:45 am

[PHOTO] The wired Queensway

12:24 am

[PHOTO] Towers of Jameson Avenue, Parkdale

12:34 am

[VIDEO] 63 Ossington, from Ossington Station south to King

01:16 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

01:29 pm

[OBSCURA] Haubitz and Zoche and the evocative abandoned hotels in the desert of Egypt

08:52 pm

[NEWS] Some Monday links


11:17 pm

[ISL] "P.E.I. Buddhists monks welcome outside world this weekend"

11:19 pm

[ISL] On the potential renaming of Port-la-Joye-Fort Amherst by Parks Canada

11:22 pm

[ISL] "Erosion could cause Gibraltar Point to split in two, says Toronto conservation authority"

11:24 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto library workers reach tentative agreement"

11:25 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Star Trek TV series to begin filming in Toronto this fall, CBS confirms"

11:32 pm

[DM] "On the return of the long-form census to Canada in 2016"

09:14 am

[PHOTO] Memory of the Queen Street subway that could have been

11:55 am

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

01:58 pm

[NEWS] Some Tuesday links

04:43 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Two links on the Ontario Food Terminal and the problems of the Tibetans who work there

07:46 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Five Things You Need to Know about the Bloor Bike Lanes"

07:48 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Toronto Settler Who Failed to Build a Hemp Empire"

07:51 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Rob Ford’s nephew says he or Doug Ford will seek Ward 2 seat"

07:52 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Jim Jacobs on the exhibit about his mom, the activist-author Jane Jacobs"

11:55 pm

[DM] "On speculating about the effects of German labour market restrictions in 2004"

09:41 am

[PHOTO] Face turned away, Dovercourt Road

10:28 am

[OBSCURA] On the return of Arctic Comics

02:28 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

02:37 pm

[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

05:13 pm

[ISL] On the end of Louisiana's Isle de Jean Charles

05:16 pm

[ISL] "Canada Shortlists Green Gables Writer for Woman on Bank Note"

05:17 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Bombardier’s Mexico problem"

05:20 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The weird and wonderful concrete river in Toronto": Derek Flack on Black Creek

09:09 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Michael Ford will run in byelection to fill Rob Ford's seat"

09:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the event of the 100th birthday of Jane Jacobs

11:26 am

[PHOTO] East side of OISE, seen from St. George TTC station

01:30 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

01:39 pm

[NEWS] Some Thursday links

05:36 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto Zoo Considers New Train Technology to Replace the Old Monorail"

05:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "A love letter to Toronto's alleyways and lanes"

05:43 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Syrian refugees find comfort at Toronto's Depanneur"

07:31 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto to celebrate first Pride Month with slew of events as Pride Parade marks 35"

07:34 pm

[MUSIC] "Beyond the 6: Drake’s global vision"

11:54 pm

[MUSIC] Prince, "1999"

08:44 am

[PHOTO] Office behind glass, Bloor-Yonge TTC station

08:51 am

[VIDEO] 26 Dupont, from St. George Station west past Dovercourt, facing south

11:50 am

[BLOG] Some Friday links

12:20 pm

[NEWS] Some Friday links

12:20 pm

[NEWS] Some Friday links

06:44 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "High Park’s cherry trees may not blossom this year"

06:46 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Videofag closes shop"

06:48 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Kensington Market is Becoming a Haven for Pot Dispensaries"

06:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Popeyes in fight over Halal chicken"

06:52 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The top 33 bookstores in Toronto by type"

06:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s Queen Video was my film school during a dark time"

02:06 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, wondering

08:09 am

[VIDEO] 510 Spadina, south from Spadina Station to Front Street

08:26 am

[PHOTO] Ten photos from Jane at Home, Urbanspace Gallery, Toronto

09:48 am

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

01:45 pm

[NEWS] Some Saturday links

06:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Jane Up North": Shawn Micallef on Jane Jacobs in Toronto

06:35 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earmarks up to $840M for Toronto transit"

06:38 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Quebec Sees Montreal Light-Rail Project Financing Deal This Year"

08:34 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto overtakes Vancouver as country’s cannabis capital"

08:38 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Dangerous – but affordable – fire-trap apartments a risk to Toronto tenants"

08:41 pm

[PHOTO] Two links on Toronto's Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

08:50 am

[PHOTO] Eight photos from the Steps of Old Lake Iroquois

11:44 am

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

12:05 pm

[NEWS] Some Sunday links

11:22 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On my three Jane's Walks

11:47 am

[PHOTO] Walking the Green Line, Toronto

12:18 pm

[OBSCURA] The Surrealist Map of the World, 1929

12:30 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

12:48 pm

[NEWS] Some Monday links

07:54 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the planned redesign of the Galleria Mall at Dufferin and Dupont

09:49 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Reflecting on My Immigration to Toronto, Through Film"

09:52 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Huskies and Hoops": Torontoist on Toronto's first basketball team

09:54 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On "What Toronto Might Look Like in 2050"

10:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "These unbuilt streets almost changed Toronto entirely"

10:07 pm

[ISL] On how the end of the Prince Edward Island ban on abortion shows the decline of the old PEI

12:15 pm

[PHOTO] Ten photos from "A Time Travel Adventure at Galleria Mall!"

02:01 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

05:40 pm

[NEWS] Some Tuesday links

05:50 pm

[ISL] On how global warning is drowning the Solomon Islands

05:52 pm

[ISL] On the end of Founder's Hall in Charlottetown

07:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "From folk singers to folklore, 1960s Yorkville lingers"

07:52 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Reasonable Doubt: G20 justice is coming slowly, but surely"

07:55 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Tibetan Food Terminal Strikers Spoke to Larger Issue of Precarious Work"

11:46 pm

[DM] On #census2016 in Canada

07:42 am

[PHOTO] The sakura of Robarts Library in 2016

10:38 am

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

02:25 pm

[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

04:39 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto ranked the healthiest place to live in Ontario"

04:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Japanese influence is seeping into downtown Toronto"

04:45 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto, Vancouver are creating all Canada's job growth"

04:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Taxi industry says it rejects surge pricing adopted by city council"

04:53 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The TTC is (Finally) Rolling Out Presto on Buses This Week"

04:56 pm

[LINK] "Hopes for factory-led recovery dashed by bleak manufacturing outlook"

08:25 pm

[DM] "Theo Moudakis: Census time"

08:31 pm

[LINK] The statement of Kathryn Borel regarding Jian Ghomeshi

11:03 am

[PHOTO] Tulips of Geary Avenue, Toronto

03:05 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

03:15 pm

[NEWS] Some Thursday links

05:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Ontario tweaks controversial daycare regulations"

05:24 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Mississauga bans UberX and other ride-sharing services"

05:27 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Don’t Worry About my Safety as a Woman in an Uber"

07:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why are so few Black people cycling in Toronto?"

07:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto police union president Mike McCormack may be the biggest dick in town"

10:36 am

[PHOTO] The tulips of Queen's Park

01:58 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

05:33 pm

[NEWS] Some Friday links

06:01 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Prince’s Sign O’ The Times: Back On The Big Screen For One Last Blast"

06:03 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why Toronto needs to use open data to improve apartment safety"

06:05 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Canoeing Down Toronto’s River Conservation Success Story"

08:07 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Roly poly pandas hit 7 months, stealing hearts at Toronto Zoo"

08:11 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto looks to Vancouver for help licensing medical marijuana dispensaries"

08:13 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Story of Toronto’s 19th-century sex trade uncovered by professor, students"

08:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Borel’s counterpunch blindsides Henein, knocks out Ghomeshi"

09:12 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, in bed

02:05 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

02:13 pm

[NEWS] Some Saturday links

05:27 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Scarborough Bluffs are rarely seen — but there’s a plan to change that"

05:32 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "What Busking Teaches Us About Building A Better Streetscape"

05:37 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "An Ode to Bar Volo, Closing this September"

08:12 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Don Mills Safety Village taught kids to drive"

08:14 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto Botanical Gardens is a metropolis of plants, animals and insects"

08:18 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why it's time for Canada to get on board with Eurovision"

08:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Jane Jacobs was wrong"

01:09 pm

[PHOTO] Ten photos from TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival

03:23 pm

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

03:36 pm

[NEWS] Some Sunday links

03:46 pm

[REVIEW] Purple Rain

11:07 pm

[REVIEW] Sign o' the Times

10:00 am

[PHOTO] Sakura in front of Tim Hortons

10:16 am

[BLOG] Some Monday links

02:37 pm

[NEWS] Some Monday links


02:48 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s First Baseball Mascot"

02:51 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Creating places for people as we grow": Spacing Toronto on Thriving Places

02:53 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Torontoist on Rokudenashiko at TCAF

05:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Review of Toronto's ward boundaries recommends adding 3 new councillors"

05:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto housing market shows signs of cooling: Report"

05:24 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto weed dispensary closes doors ahead of looming crackdown"

08:46 pm

[OBSCURA] On that graffiti showing Putin and Trump kissing in Lithuania

07:03 am

[PHOTO] Into the pit of 11 Wellesley Street West

11:22 am

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

02:33 pm

[NEWS] Some Tuesday links

06:13 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the defense of James Forcillo against imprisonment made by his wife

06:18 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto laneway to be turned into community garden"

06:20 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How to Fight Against the Devastating Emerald Ash Borer"

06:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the pop-up shop of Justin Bieber, in Toronto and elsewhere

07:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the tragedy in Rexdale, and its origins and consequences in the Fords

11:28 pm

[ISL] On how old Rapa Nui ended, not through indigenous ecocide but foreign genocide

09:21 am

[PHOTO] Tree at night, Dupont at Dovercourt

12:09 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

12:22 pm

[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

08:31 pm

[ISL] The Canadian Press on the erosion of Lennox Island

08:34 pm

[ISL] "The Tiny Cayman Island Holding $265 Billion in Treasuries"

08:36 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "In Brampton, a return to Fennell-era dysfunction"

08:38 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto cannabis entrepreneurs vow to fight proposed fines"

08:40 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why Are Wages for Toronto’s Early Childhood Educators So Low?"

08:41 pm

[WRITING] "How Italy Improved My English"

11:48 pm

[WRITING] On routines

09:28 am

[PHOTO] Tulips of fire, Dovercourt Road

11:39 am

[PHOTO] Truck in alley off Dupont

12:43 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto pot outlets ordered to shutter in 3 days"

03:30 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

03:40 pm

[NEWS] Some Friday links

05:27 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On Conrad Black's tax issues

05:29 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On commuting by air from Niagara to Toronto

05:32 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Bombardier shifts production in bid to speed up Toronto streetcar deliveries"

05:34 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "New office towers without jobs to fill them won’t help Montreal"

05:36 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "External factors setting Vancouver's housing costs, university study finds"

05:37 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How Toronto’s Newly Proposed Wards Will Shake Up the City"

07:33 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, in blanket

02:06 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

02:12 pm

[PHOTO] Street chair, Dupont Street

04:52 pm

[NEWS] Some Saturday links

11:58 pm

[META] On the future of A Bit More Detail

11:05 am

[PHOTO] East end of the AGO, as night falls

01:52 pm

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

02:05 pm

[NEWS] Some Sunday links

06:48 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Torontoist on the Raptors and #wetheother

11:55 pm

[FORUM] What do you write?

11:55 am

[PHOTO] Facades across Yonge Street in the condo era

12:02 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

12:11 pm

[NEWS] Some Monday links

12:20 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Meet the Montrealer who gave Uber a jolt"

12:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "It's reefer madness all over again"

09:31 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The story of the Niagara River: The water wonder of the world"

11:12 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s black history unearthed in excavation of landmark church"

11:20 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s landlord licensing plan faces its first test as tenants rally behind it"

11:56 pm

[NON BLOG] After a busy day, my feet are a good sore

12:04 am

[PHOTO] Me, suspicious, with Owl and Fox at Harbourfront

10:22 am

[PHOTO] Departure of the Union-Pearson Express

01:32 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

06:45 pm

[NEWS] Some Tuesday links

08:13 pm

[URBAN NOTE] DiManno on the life and death of Rodney Whitefish

08:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] NOW Toronto on the last video stores of the city

08:17 pm

[URBAN NOTE] NOW Toronto on niche real estate agents

08:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "A Trip Advisor for rental apartments?"

08:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "New plan would add 525 km of bike routes to create a true Toronto network"

09:39 am

[VIDEO] Tour of Toronto from the CN Tower's Skypod

12:20 pm

[PHOTO] Three photos from the Skypod of the CN Tower

01:27 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

01:40 pm

[NEWS] Some Wednesday links

05:09 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the Indigo at Sherway Gardens and the return of the bookstore

05:16 pm

[URBAN NOTE] How one man’s obsession could help solve the mystery of Toronto’s missing sakura

05:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "John Tory is right to be skeptical about a Toronto bid for World Expo 2025"

05:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Same-sex, gender talk leads Halton Catholic trustees to vote down policy"

05:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "LRT rollout delayed, Bombardier blamed" -- in Waterloo Region

08:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the escaped capybara of High Park Zoo (#capybaraTO)

02:21 pm

[PHOTO] 85 Harbord Street, in 2008 and 2016

11:55 pm

[MUSIC] The Tragically Hip, "Ahead by a Century"

09:36 am

[PHOTO] Two photos of HTO Park

11:31 am

[BLOG] Some Friday links

11:55 am

[NEWS] Some Friday links

04:28 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "No sign of High Park capybaras as search continues"

04:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "'Waterfront reset' examines way to extend transit to new neighbourhoods along the lake

04:34 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s new Cycling Network Plan: What’s in store for Scarborough?"

04:34 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four links on the Toronto police raids on marijuana dispensaries yesterday

07:14 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Trump Tower Is Up for Sale in Toronto — And It Might Lose Its Famous Name"

07:18 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Residents worry about futuristic direction of Galleria Mall"

10:34 am

[PHOTO] Eight photos of Toronto from the CN Tower

02:26 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

02:42 pm

[NEWS] Some Saturday links


07:05 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Two links on the escaped capybara of High Park

07:08 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s red-hot market sends property values soaring"

07:09 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto Police try to convince us marijuana dispensaries are dangerous"

07:12 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why is Same-Sex Marriage Still Up for Debate Among Conservatives?"

07:14 pm

[LINK] "How Literature Became Word Perfect": On the advent of word processing for writers

07:16 pm

[WRITING] "It’s a Writer’s Market": Bloomberg Businessweek on e-publishing

08:52 pm

[FORUM] What have you been reading?

09:47 am

[PHOTO] Five photos from Harbourfront, Toronto on Victoria Day

11:41 pm

[META] On types of writing at A Bit More Detail

03:25 am

[PHOTO] Selfie against Royal Bank of Canada gold

12:43 pm

[PHOTO] Classic Plastics at the Design Exchange

01:02 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

01:12 pm

[NEWS] Some Monday links

05:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto 18 plotter reflects on a decade in prison"

05:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "A Building of Her Own": Torontoist on Alexandra Biriukova

05:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Ontario ombudsman tackles Brampton city hall"

05:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Mississauga City Council Was Right to Reverse its Ban on Uber"

05:28 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Two links on the reaction to the Toronto marijuana dispensary raids

08:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Regional Cities and the Curse of 'Glocality'"

11:56 pm

[META] Who reads A Bit More Detail?

12:17 pm

[PHOTO] Eleven photos from Fort York, Toronto on Doors Open

01:00 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

01:09 pm

[NEWS] Some Tuesday links

06:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the continued detention of Toronto 18 leader Fahim Ahmad

06:48 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "TTC letter warns homeowners their houses might be expropriated for Scarborough subway"

06:52 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Bike-lane violators easy to find on ride-along"

06:54 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How Toronto Can Expand Bike Parking"

08:24 pm

[WRITING] On queer content and fan fiction and representation generally

11:46 pm

[AH] On different Anglo-American relationships in the 19th century

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