May. 30th, 2017

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Spadina and College, under the wires

The mesh of streetcar wires overhead is particularly dense at Spadina and College, on the border between Chinatown and Kensington Market and the University of Toronto.
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  • and D-Brief reported on possible progress in decrypting the Inca's khipu, knotted cords.

  • Far Outliers looks at the history of vagabondage in 19th century Siberia.

  • Language Hat notes the 1993 death of the last Ubykh.

  • Language Log shares a multilingual sign warning against eating contaminated shellfish.

  • Marginal Revolution shares Tyler Cowen's praise of Switzerland.

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  • Steve Munro calls for an honest public review of what Toronto actually does need insofar as mass transit is concerned.

  • Torontoist is justly critical of a one-stop Scarborough subway extension that will help make mass transit there worse.

  • Spacing's John Lorinc is critical of plans for mass transit expansion that do not respond to existing issues.

  • The Toronto Star notes that Union-Pearson Express ridership is up but also notes that it remains heavily subsidized.
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    • The Globe and Mail examined the unique real estate market on the Toronto Islands, with lower places but also restrictions on buyers.

    • The Toronto Star reported that carp have taken over the baseball field at Gibraltar Point.

    • The Toronto Star reports on a peacock that has escaped Centreville Farm to become the islands' mascot.

    • The National Post reported on how the Toronto Islands' businesses have all been shut down by the flooding.

    • blogTO noted that Water Taxi Now is offering tours of the flooded islands.

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