08:45 am

[PHOTO] Ten photos from St. James Town, Toronto

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12:39 pm

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

03:20 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five links about Toronto, from old TTC cars to Island architecture to the Palace Arms

06:42 pm

[ISL] Six links on islands, from contested geopolitics to environmental changes to Villiers Island

07:36 am

[PHOTO] Playing amidst a fallen empire, Queen's Park

11:12 am

[BLOG] Some Monday links

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02:26 pm

[NEWS] Five links on infrastructure, from Toronto parks and climate change to nuclear energy

07:38 am

[PHOTO] Eleven photos of the World's Largest Rubber Duck, HTO Park

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12:18 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

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02:54 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five links in Toronto, from Andrew Kinsman to West Queen West to Egerton Ryerson

07:31 pm

[NEWS] Five Fourth of July links, from holiday fireworks mayhem to alternate history to Trump


11:30 pm

[DM] On the recent fall in American fertility rates: Is this American convergence?

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12:37 am

[PHOTO] South on Hallam past the patio, Dovercourt Village, Toronto

10:44 am

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

02:32 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four links about infrastructure and parks in Toronto, including the Toronto Islands

04:02 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes on the housing market in Toronto, from TCH to Parkdale to investors

11:08 am

[PHOTO] Alley by 95 Wolseley Street

03:41 am

[PHOTO] Cranes over Bathurst Street, between College and Dundas

10:58 am

[BLOG] Some Friday links

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05:55 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five links on changing neighbourhoods in Toronto, from the waterfront to Y&E

06:06 pm

[NEWS] Four science links, from tree-planting drones to the effectiveness of PrEP

09:59 pm

[MoT] Six Toronto Fringe Festival reviews (#fringeto)

07:28 am

[PHOTO] Shakespeare, on red

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07:33 am

[PHOTO] Three photos of Three Star Variety, 621 Bathurst Street

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11:54 am

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

03:22 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four links on mass transit in Toronto, from the Metrolinx to funding to King Street

05:02 pm

[NEWS] Four notes about water, from ferries to rubber ducks to climate change to melting Greenland

11:09 am

[PHOTO] Seven photos from the Anne Johnston Courtyard, Yonge and Eglinton

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07:19 am

[PHOTO] Behind the fence, 2221 Yonge Street

10:22 am

[BLOG] Some Monday links

02:07 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes on Toronto, including the condo explosion and TTC planning

03:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on changing cities from Germany, from Frankfurt to Hamburg to Berlin

05:06 pm

[NEWS] Four Canada links, from the innocence of Khadr to the joking alt-right to CanCon workings

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01:11 pm

[PHOTO] Looking down McCaul Street

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01:19 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

05:13 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five links about Toronto, from Pam McConnell to Eglinton Avenue to selfies gone bad

08:40 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four links on cities around the world: Churchill, Halifax, London, New York City


11:50 pm

[AH] WI Walter Jenkins not arrested in 1964?

12:12 am

[PHOTO] Fourteen photos of the new Grange Park in Toronto

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10:24 am

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

02:10 pm

[NEWS] Five links in Canada, from NAFTA corn syrup to Amazon Prime in Iqaluit and abortion

05:12 pm

[NEWS] Four science links, from coffee to cloning mammoths to space colonies to EBLM J0555-57Ab

05:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links, from marijuana laws to the AGO to Wattpad to laneway suites

01:42 am

[PHOTO] Queen Richmond Centre West, top to bottom, 134 Peter Street

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01:01 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

05:03 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on parks, from Toronto to Mississauga to Boblo Island

08:20 pm

[NEWS] Five notes about Canada, from GG Julie Payette to lobster sent to China to Syrians in Ontario

11:56 pm

[MUSIC] Moev, "Yeah, Whatever"

12:03 am

[PHOTO] Picasso on Richmond, 318 Richmond Street West, horizontal and vertical


01:38 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links


08:31 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, in bed in the dark

11:57 am

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

02:36 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links, from Lego TTC to private nude beaches to University Avenue

01:10 am

[PHOTO] Three front windows of three West Queen West fashion stores

09:22 am

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

12:24 pm

[NEWS] Five links about queer culture, from our history to our presence today

04:16 pm

[NEWS] Four links from Canada, from Sears Canada to the Avro Arrow to racism to First Nations

09:01 am

[PHOTO] Community, by Kirk Newman (2001)

12:06 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

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11:44 am

[PHOTO] Garden gnomes of Lansdowne Avenue

02:35 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

06:41 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links, from condo conversions to a cat park to unsafe beaches

07:01 pm

[NEWS] Four culture links: the Metro book fairy, Transformers, the 13th Doctor, and the alt-right

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12:25 am

[PHOTO] Looking south at the Dominico Field baseball diamond, Christie Pit

08:45 am

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

12:05 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Three reports of crime and possible crimes in Toronto

03:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto blog links, from feminist street art to the changing retail scene

09:58 pm

[NEWS] Seven links, from drugs in Germany to dolphin cuisine to dual nations in Australia

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11:57 pm

[PHOTO] Coffee Time, Dupont and Lansdowne

09:46 am

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

01:35 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five links on Toronto, from housing issues to renaming Ryerson

04:35 pm

[PHOTO] Four photo links: the perils of Instagram, doctored photos, pre-AIDS NYC and the Rust Belt

12:06 am

[PHOTO] Ice cream truck, Bloor at Russett

10:55 am

[BLOG] Some Friday links

01:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Six links on Toronto, on mass transit and infrastructure generally

04:53 pm

[ISL] Five articles from the Toronto Islands in this time of flood

08:55 pm

[NEWS] Five links about Canada, from #Canada150 travel to cultural visibilities

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11:02 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, on the mattress

02:41 pm

[CAT] Three cat links, on indoor/outdoor and leashes and a Hong Kong prison, even

05:06 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

05:33 pm

[PHOTO] Coffee Time by the towers (and Food Basics), Dupont and Lansdowne

09:12 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links, from Stepgate to Emanuel Jaques to mass transit

09:20 pm

[ISL] Three notes on Prince Edward Island, changing and otherwise

04:20 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

05:32 pm

[PHOTO] Me with my ticket at the Rage and Rapture concert in Toronto

12:42 am

[PHOTO] Mother Mary in the front garden, Lansdowne Avenue

12:45 am

[PHOTO] Looking out and in, Charlottetown Airport

01:37 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

04:39 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links, from Rage and Rapture to lakeshore property to ESL and property

06:48 pm

[ISL] Three notes: the sinking Maldives, revolutionary Grenada, tourist-heavy Singapore

11:00 pm

[ISL] Four links on the Island, from LGBTQ pride to Syrian refugees to a possible U-Boat off Tignish

11:04 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, meowing in the warm spot

11:19 am

[PHOTO] Three posters of the Manhattan skyline on my wall

02:20 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

05:49 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links, from rising CityPlace, to queer issues, to Tibetan food in Parkdale

07:48 pm

[ISL] Four links from Prince Edward Island, of economics and tourism and past migration

09:59 pm

[NEWS] Four links about science and the future: Caananites, iPod, birding, e-residency

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09:56 pm

[PHOTO] Nine photos from the Geary Ave. Flea (#gearyaveflea)

08:59 am

[PHOTO] A meeting for Toronto's missing 2LGBTQA*, 1 August 2017

09:03 am

[PHOTO] Inside the new Giant Tiger store, 449 University Avenue, Charlottetown

12:39 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

03:51 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links, from strange disappearances to the Toronto Islands to odd suburbs

07:12 pm

[NEWS] Seven French Canada links, from Louisbourg to Québec islands to politics to economics

09:45 pm

[ISL] Four links from the Island, from Summerside to changing vulnerable environments

11:13 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Two mass transit links, from awkwardly rising London to Robert Moses in New York City

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