Sep. 6th, 2017

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  • Centauri Dreams notes one source suggesting red dwarf stars may produce too little ultraviolet to spark life on their planets.

  • Hornet Stories notes how LGBTQ Dreamers will be hit badly by the repeal of DACA.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money approves of Frederick Crews' critical takedown of Freud as a scientist.

  • The LRB Blog looks at a new South Korean film examining the Gwangju massacre of 1980.

  • The NYR Daily notes that China seems set to head into a new era of strict censorship, with calamitous results.

  • The Planetary Society Blog considers the 40th anniversary of the Voyagers in the light of the Pale Blue Dot of Carl Sagan.

  • The Signal reports that, for archivists' purposes, online newspaper sites are actually very poorly organized.

  • At Spacing, Adam Bunch notes how Upper Canadian governor John Simcoe's abolition of slavery was not quite that.

  • Window on Eurasia notes the continued official contortions around Circassian history in Russia.

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CN Tower, red (1) #toronto #cntower #night #red #lights

CN Tower, red (2) #toronto #cntower #night #red #lights

CN Tower, red (3) #toronto #cntower #night #red #lights

Monday night, the CN Tower was illuminated in red.
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Red soil #pei #princeedwardisland #cavendish #avonleavillage #red #soil #latergram

The red soil of Prince Edward Island, pale when dry as in this drought-ridden summer and a vibrant red when wet, is still baseline normal for me despite so long away.
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  • CBC reports that the different express bus routes set up by the TTC have had more riders than expected.

  • Steve Munro finds there's much to be concerned about with the way the TTC bought some new electric buses.

  • blogTO notes that the new western extension of the Line 1, into Vaughan, has a set opening date: December 17.

  • The sheer display of TTC fandom displayed by the Athanasopoulos siblings, collectors of transfers, is awesome. The Toronto Star reports.

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