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Toronto's West Queen West, along Queen Street West to the west of Bathurst, is home to many small indie fashion stores. Late at night, the front windows of stores like Mericani (630A Queen Street West), WTFash (632 Queen Street West), and The Store on Queen (662 Queen Street West), look almost like art gallery displays.

West Queen West fashion (1) #toronto #queenstreetwest #westqueenwest #queerstreetwest #fashion

West Queen West fashion (2) #toronto #queenstreetwest #westqueenwest #queerstreetwest #fashion

West Queen West fashion (3)  #toronto #queenstreetwest #westqueenwest #queerstreetwest #fashion
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  • With news that Toronto police is now treating the disappearance of Andrew Kinsman from his Cabbagetown a week ago as suspicious, the search for Kinsman is taking on new importance. Please, if you can help in any way, let Toronto police or his friends--anybody--know.

  • The Toronto Star's Hina Alam reports on the huge crush over the Canada Day weekend to see the World's Largest Rubber Duck.

  • The Parkdale Villager's Hilary Caton reports on the push to make West Queen West a protected district.

  • The National Post shares the Canadian Press' poll reporting on general anxiety, including among the well-off, on affordable housing in Canada.

  • The Globe and Mail's Kenny Sharpe writes about controversy at Ryerson University over the legacy of founder Egerton Ryerson.

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On Nuit Rose earlier this month, I stopped by West Queen West's Paul Petro Contemporary Art where I ended up taking some small part in Zachari Logan's durational drawing performance 49 Flowers.

On June 25th 2016, Zachari Logan completed a durational drawing performance, in conjunction with NUIT ROSE, Toronto's Queer Arts Festival and his exhibition Forgotten Selves at PAUL PETRO CONTEMPORARY ART. Members of the public were invited to select a cut flower from a large floral arrangement and sit with the artist for a fifteen-minute portrait-drawing session. Logan drew the flower as a portrait of the bearer. Logan's goal to produce forty-nine drawings to commemorate the lives of those lost in the recent Orlando tragedy was realized by drawing continually from noon on the 25th of June to 2:30am June 26th, 2016.

These were the floral arrangements.

Raw material #toronto #nuitrose #flowers #westqueenwest

Raw material, 2 #toronto #nuitrose #flowers #westqueenwest

I ended up selecting the below flower, a rose--I think--dense with convolutions, and I sat for the sketching just after midnight. The process of Logan's sketching on mylar was impressive to watch.

Flower seen head on #toronto #nuitrose #pink #flowers #westqueenwest

Below is the drawing, #40 in the series, that was the result.

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Pulse at the Beaver #toronto #westqueenwest #pulse #orlando #thebeaver

The banner was still up when I went to The Beaver Saturday night. The Canadian Press' Laura La Rose tells the story in the Toronto Star.

A Toronto bar is paying tribute to victims of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting by featuring a replica of the venue’s logo in its window.

The idea came from Rob Shostak, a Toronto-based designer who works for an architectural firm.

The 34-year-old is regular at The Beaver on Queen Street West in Toronto.

Shostak posted a photo of the exterior of the venue on his Instagram page on Wednesday. The replica of the Pulse nightclub logo is visible in the front window.

The caption accompanying Shostak’s photo reads: “This is Pulse. Every queer space is Pulse. When one of our safe spaces is attacked, all of our safe spaces are attacked.”

Shostak said he messaged The Beaver’s manager about the idea of putting up the sign and his suggestion was well received.

His Instagram photo is here.
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This begins an irregular series of brief photo posts on places of worship I see around me in my day to day life. Call it the "Houses of God" series, for want of a better title. I'm open to suggestions for a replacement category.

* * *

Santa Cruz Church lies at 142 Argyle Street, near the intersection of that street with Dovercourt, in an area just west of Trinity-Bellwoods Park with its Bolivar statue. I took the below photo from the east on Argyle.

The parish was founded in 1974, in large part to service the religious needs of the many Portuguese-Canadians who live in that general region of Toronto. Santa Cruz Church is also associated with the Senhor Santo Cristo Catholic School, a publically-funded school teaching children from kindergarten to Grade 8. In addition, this Portuguese-language webpage describes what seems to be a religous custom of symbolic pilgrimage originating in the Azores centered on that church.

Thus, transplanted tradition reproduces itself.
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