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  • Urban coyotes have been proven to prey in roaming domestic pets, including cats. The Guardian reports.

  • The idea of a big cat sanctuary in the Ontario community of Grand Bend does appeal to me, but then it would. CBC reports.

  • The Vancity Theatre in Vancouver will be hosting the 2019 Cat Video Fest. The Vancouver Sun reports.

  • Lifehacker offers advice for cat-lovers with cat allergies.

  • The cat of Julian Assange deserved better treatment; hopefully its new home will be much better. The Independent reports.

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  • blogTO notes a sad instance of cat hoarding in Toronto, with a hundred cats rescued from one home.

  • ScienceAlert reports on the alarming number of pet owners in a recent poll who would like to give not only dogs but cats vegan diets.

  • Viewing online cat content can actually be good for a viewer's psychological health, 3milliondogs.com reports.

  • Culls of cat populations from select, ecologically sensitive, islands do make sense to me. BBC reports.

  • Vivien Fellegi writes at NOW Toronto about the uses of the therapy cats provided by the Therapeutic Paws of Canada organization.

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  • This article by Mirjana Milovanovic at VICE interviewing self-described cat ladies and letting them explain why they prefer cats to men was informative, and fun.

  • Vulture reported that the new Carly Rae Jepsen video, "Now That I Found You", is all about the love of a woman for her cat.

  • The plight of feral cats in Kingston and wider Frontenac County is serious, but volunteers are doing their best to help. Global News reports.

  • Are cats not psychopaths, but simply misunderstood? The Atlantic makes the case for human ignorance.

  • The Guardian shares photos from the Brooklyn Cat CafĂ©, where yoga with cats is a thing.

  • Emma Stefansky at Thrillist interviewed cat trainer Ursula Brauner, about cats in movies generally and the cats featuring in Captain Marvel specifically. (I really liked Goose.)

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I am not quite sure how I will best share my Venice trip photos with my readers. They are all on Facebook, and are all viewable in my Instagram account, but organizing something like eight or nine hundred photos will be time-consuming.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of me with Shakespeare that I took just after I got home yesterday afternoon. Shakespeare really was glad to see me, I think. Even now, he is next to me on my couch, happily curled up.

Post-travel selfie with Shakespeare #toronto #dovercourtvillage #me #selfie #catstagram #catsofinstagram #shakespeare
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  • Fast Company reports on NVIDIA's StyleGAN AI, an engine that cannot generate convincing images of cats.

  • PsyPost reports on a PLOS One study suggesting that the cats of owners experiencing psychological stress are influenced negatively by this.

  • In the new Captain Marvel movie, the titular character's pet cat Goose is played by a team of four cats.

  • David Anderson looks at the representation of the cat in the art of ancient Egypt, in scenes both divine and domestic.

  • The Guardian reports on a new book by Peggy Gavan, looking at evidence of how the men of New York City in the late 19th and early 20th centuries loved their cats.

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  • Peter Rukavina shares some photos and a sketch from the Tryon River Bridge on the Island.

  • CBC Prince Edward Island notes that immigration retention rates on PEI, while low, are rising, perhaps showing the formation of durable immigrant communities.

  • The Guardian of Charlottetown shares the story of a tenant facing eviction after he complained to his landlord about an illegally large rent increase.

  • An elderly man on the Island has been reunited with his cats after his senior's housing unit forbade him from taking his pets with him, CBC PEI reports.

  • CBC Prince Edward Island reports on the state of the extensive renovations of Province House, with new materials being sourced and secrets discovered.

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  • California has a new law allowing pet stories to sell only rescue animals. CNN reports.

  • New York City has a program pairing feral cats with property owners wanting help with pest infestations. MNN reports.

  • John Bradshaw at Psychology Today considers if the right perceived by humans of cats to freely roam outside, irrespective of the ecological cost, will go the same way as their right to reproduce without hindrance.

  • Two Asian leopard cats, members of an endangered species, were recently rescued in Singapore. Channel News Asia reports.

  • Science Alert explains which big cats can purr, and why.


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