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  • At NOW Toronto, Rebecca Campbell pays tribute to her friend, and collaborator, the activist Justin Haynes.

  • Transit Toronto notes the four generations of TTC streetcars on display in the Beaches Easter Parade tomorrow.

  • NOW Toronto criticizes the politics of bike lanes in Toronto.

  • NOW Toronto noted how badly Scarborough will be served by the Doug Ford subway plans.

  • Happily, Toronto is one of the top cities for students in the world. blogTO reports.

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  • Jamie Bradburn was decidedly unimpressed by the Neon Museum at Junction House.

  • Renovictions are a real concern for many renters in Toronto, already living on the edges of their budgets. CBC reports.

  • Urban Toronto notes an interesting consolidation of two development plans into one at Yonge and Eglinton, here.

  • blogTO notes how the Royal Ontario Museum is now going to offer free admission every third Monday of the month.

  • Natalia Manzocco writes at NOW Toronto about how the Room With A View pop-up restaurant underneath the Gardiner Expressway ended up triggering city concerns over housing.

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Bloor Street Fitness and Boxing (2295 Dundas Street West) was brightly, almost gaudily, lit up as I passed by it Tuesday night at about 9:30, lights on and gloves up.

Bloor Street 24/7 Fitness #toronto #dundasstreetwest #bloorstreetfitness #bloorstreetfitnessandboxing #night #lights
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  • Urban Toronto shares a detailed plan for the Galleria Mall redevelopment.

  • Jennifer Pagliaro at the Toronto Star shows how the Ontario government keeps undermining decisions made in Toronto, here.

  • Actually building the Ontario Line, beneath Fort York and the Don River, will be a very tricky affair. The Toronto Star reports.

  • This Toronto Star article describing how four young adults in their early 20s have to cram into a single apartment in order to live in Toronto is a terrible indictment of our housing policies.

  • Rick Salutin at Rabble celebrates the achievements of Toronto's Theatre Passe Muraille.

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  • La Presse interviews one owner of a calèche, an iconic horse-and-carriage from Montréal, who claims that an impending ban will be devastating.

  • blogTO notes the possibility, in the early 2020s, of a new passenger rail route connecting Toronto to Detroit.

  • CityLab takes a look at The Shed, the performing arts centre in the controversial Manhattan development of Hudson Yards.

  • Bloomberg makes the argument for India to create a purpose-built financial centre for Mumbai.

  • Stu Neatby at The Guardian looks at the shortage of rental housing in the growing Charlottetown PE suburb of Stratford.

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  • Helen Armstrong at NOW Toronto writes against the crude repression, well short of constructive regulation, facing sex workers in Toronto.

  • Donovan Vincent at the Toronto Star notes the Toronto controversy around the idea of having houses with two front doors, including one for a basement unit. Why must that unit's residents be hidden?

  • blogTO notes the utter absence of the Eglinton East LRT in the new Toronto transit plan.

  • Steve Munro considers the poor state of planning, and funding, for Line 1 of the subway.

  • Toronto Life goes back more than a century to take a look at the many discarded plans for subways. Is it comfort, at least, that the lack of good planning is a trait apparently inherent to Torontonians?

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  • The Toronto Star looks at how buildings destined for demolition for condos are, in the interim, enjoying some innovative alternative uses.

  • CBC Toronto takes a look at the efforts of photographer Jon Simo, owner of Neon Demon Studios, to preserve and promote neon signs. (I went to the pop-up museum this weekend; photos to come.)

  • Toronto Life shares old photos of the Drake Hotel predating its transformation into a west-end hub.

  • blogTO lists the best, and the worst, Pizza Pizza locations in Toronto.

  • blogTO shares photos of Let's Survive Together, the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror room bought by the AGO for its permanent collection.

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  • At Spacing, John Lorinc notes that mayor John Tory is allowing waterfront transit plans to get delayed.

  • blogTO notes that there is apparently controversy over the correct spelling of Christie Pits.

  • CBC Toronto profiles the humble apartment at Bathurst and St. Clair that was home to Ernest Hemingway.

  • These photos of stackt, at Bathurst and Front, look amazing. Retail Insider has them.

  • blogTO notes that three new Jollibee locations are scheduled to open in 2020, including one downtown at Yonge and Gould.

  • Making the King Street pilot project permanent is at least a small victory for Toronto. CBC reports.

  • Urban Toronto shares the remarkable plans for the transformation of the Galleria Mall.

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  • Urban Toronto notes the remarkable new plan proposed by Ontario for Toronto subways, including a line running from Ontario Place on the water up through to the Ontario Science Centre on Eglinton.

  • blogTO shares some of the criticism the new Ontario plans for the subway have gotten.

  • Steve Munro reacts to the new Ontario plan for Toronto subways, here.

  • blogTO notes the new proposed names for stations on the Finch LRT line.

  • The Discourse notes a community meeting in Scarborough where locals express concern for the fate of the Eglinton East LRT.

  • The conversion of the TTC entirely from tokens towards Presto has been delayed, blogTO notes.

  • The modernization of signals on existing subway lines has been delayed and is becoming much more expensive, the Toronto Star notes.

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The sky at Yonge and Eglinton last night was gorgeous, blue fading to pink on the southern and western horizons through the towers.

Evening looking east #toronto #yongeandeglinton #yongestreet #evening #skyline #blue #twilight #towers

Evening looking south, blue to pink #toronto #yongeandeglinton #yongestreet #evening #skyline #blue #pink #twilight #towers

Evening looking up #toronto #yongeandeglinton #yongestreet #evening #skyline #blue #twilight #towers

Evening looking west #toronto #yongeandeglinton #yongestreet #eglintonavenue #evening #skyline #blue #pink #twilight #towers


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