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  • The way art helped build a stronger community in Parkdale is the subject of this NOW Toronto article.

  • The AGO has just landed a new curator of indigenous art, Anishinabe-kwe artist Wanda Nanibush.

  • Transitions Online notes how, under Communism, different Balkan peoples kept looking to a different west for entertainment.

  • MacLean's looks at the history of Canadian Thanksgiving.

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  • blogTO looks at the mirrors being scattered across the University of Toronto campus downtown. (Art.)

  • blogTO notes that old Toronto street signs are going up for sale.

  • Abandoned silos across Toronto are being refurbished for a variety of purposes. blogTO reports.

  • This blogTO photo essay about the vestiges of abandoned streets and related infrastructure across Toronto is evocative.

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  • Alex Bozikovic looks at the plans for 1 Bloor Street West, The One. This tower may well become a national icon.

  • Will a Google company play a leading role in the construction of the east waterfront neighbourhood of Quayside? The Toronto Star reports.

  • The idea of the Parkdale library becoming the centre of a bigger cultural hub is provocative. NOW Toronto reports.

  • This art show at York featuring works by artists from the old internal suburbs of Toronto sounds great. The Globe and Mail reports.

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  • The National Post notes that Toronto city council voted against naming a stadium after the late Rob Ford.

  • blogTO notes that Humber Bay Shores wants to run a private neighbourhood bus service, for want of a TTC presence.

  • Andrew Hunter, former Canadian curator at the AGO, calls for a decolonization of art galleries across Canada.

  • Joanna Lavoie describes the concrete sculptures of Duane Linklater newly installed across the Don valley.

  • At Torontoist, Dennis Duffy reports on the 19th century criminal gangs once populating the Don Valley. Seriously.

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What else can I say of Nuit Blanche 2017 in Toronto but that it was great, a perfect time to roam about downtown Toronto from Queen's Park down to Toronto City Hall and over as far west as Parkdale in the pursuit of art?

More photos are available at my Flickr and Instagram accounts.

Speculating in Futures (2) #toronto #nbto17 #uoftschools #tarot #thefool #thetower

Here Is Where You Hid #toronto #nbto17 #batashoemuseum #miniature #landscape

Won't Back Down #toronto #nbto17 #queenspark #blacklivesmatter

Have You Seen My Sister? (1) #toronto #nbto17 #queenspark #women

#SubaruArtCar #toronto #nbto17 #financialdistrict #baystreet #kingstreet #kingstreetwest

Invisible Tattoos (1) #toronto #nbto17 #artscapeyoungplace #youngnuit

Layered Cities #toronto #nbto17 #artscapeyoungplace #youngnuit

Garden Tunnel (1) #toronto #nbto17 #drakehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale

The -Dess Series (1) #toronto #nbto17 #flybynight17 #gladstonehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale #gate

Punching a Pillow Until the Sun Rises (2) #toronto #nbto17 #flybynight17 #gladstonehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale

K&P Mart (1) #toronto #nbto17 #kpmart #gladstonehotel #westqueenwest #parkdale

Digital Consciousness (4) #toronto #nbto17 #parkdale #onlyonegallery #kristakim #abstractexpressionism
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  • Kevin Ritchie noted in NOW Toronto that this Nuit Blanche will be dominated by the theme of protest and revolution.

  • Chris Rattan talks with different curators and artists about what public art in Toronto should aim to do.

  • NOW Toronto lists its top ten exhibits for Nuit Blanche.

  • Toronto Life lists some cool places to visit for Nuit Blanche.

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  • The Ontario government is not backing down on rent control despite impending conversions of real estate to condos.

  • blogTO notes this last heat wave has made the Toronto Islands superb, at last. I visited Sunday--visit while you can.

  • The 401 Richmond arts centre is getting tax relief, letting it function as a home for culture in a booming downtown.

  • Christopher Hume argues amalgamation, by undermining old power structures, made progress in Toronto impossible.

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  • Centauri Dreams links to archival video painstakingly collected from the Voyager missions.

  • Citizen Science Salon notes ways ordinary people can use satellite imagery for archaeological purposes.

  • Good news: Asian carp can't find a fin-hold in Lake Michigan. Bad news: The lake is so food-deprived nothing lives there. The Crux reports.

  • D-Brief notes that, once every second, a fast radio burst occurs somewhere in the universe.

  • Dangerous Minds looks at the psychedelic retro-futurism of Swedish artist Kilian Eng.

  • Dead Things notes the recovery of ancient human DNA from some African sites, and what this could mean for study.

  • Cody Delistraty reconsiders the idea of the "coming of age" narrative. Does this make sense now that we have abandoned the idea of a unitary self?

  • The Dragon's Gaze links to a paper examining the evolution of icy bodies around different post-main sequence stars.

  • The Great Grey Bridge's Philip Turner notes anti-Putin dissident Alexei Navalny.

  • Hornet Stories notes reports of anti-gay persecution in Azerbaijan.

  • Language Log takes a look at the dialectal variations of southern Ohio.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money starts a discussion about what effective disaster relief for Puerto Rico would look like.

  • The LRB Blog looks at the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Mexico, and the story of the buried girl who was not there.

  • Marginal Revolution notes that Toronto real estate companies, in light of rent control, are switching rental units over to condos.

  • Naked Anthropologist Laura Agustín takes a look at the origins and stories of migrant sex workers.

  • The NYR Daily talks about the supposedly unthinkable idea of nuclear war in the age of Trump.

  • Drew Rowsome gives a strongly positive--and deserved review to the Minmar Gaslight show The Seat Next to the King, a Fringe triumph now playing at the Theatre Centre.

  • Starts With A Bang's Ethan Siegel explains how so many outer-system icy worlds have liquid water.

  • Towleroad features Jim Parsons' exploration of how important is for him, as a gay man, to be married.

  • Window on Eurasia suggests Russian language policy limiting minority languages in education could backfire, and wonders if Islamization one way people in an urbanizing North Caucasus are trying to remain connected to community.

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  • CBC notes that the Yonge and Dundas street artist scene is closing down under city regulations, including permits.

  • Emily Mathieu talks about how she conducts her journalism with some of Toronto's most marginalized as subjects.

  • The Globe and Mail notes the local controversy over having police officers permanently stationed in schools.

  • The idea that police who actively undermine the Special Investigations Unit should be seriously punished seems obvious.
  • Veteran NDP politican and LGBTQ rights advocate Cheri DiNovo is leaving politics to become a minister in church.

  • Finally, the Dundas West TTC station will be connected to the GO Transit hub less than 300 metres away!

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  • In this unseasonably warm September, Toronto tenants need more air conditioning than some landlords provide. The Toronto Star reports.

  • NOW Toronto notes the launch of a new Kent Monkman canvas, this one depicting a Dutch-Iroquois treaty signing.

  • The bizarre story of an ISIS supporter who tried to attack people at a Canadian Tire store is getting more bizarre. The Toronto Star reports.

  • There is a possibility the Ontario minimum wage increase could hurt employment outside of well-off Toronto. The Globe and Mail reports.

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Mural, Cabbagetown Corner Convenience #toronto #cabbagetown #parliamentstreet #cornerstore #mural #publicart #wires

I love this cheerful mural covering one whole side of a convenience store's building on Parliament.
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  • Bad Astronomy's Phil Plait notes how the media made a simulation of a third planet at Gliese 832 a discovery of a new Earth-like world.

  • The Broadside Blog's Caitlin Kelly calls on a consideration of why schoolchildren are labelled troublemakers.

  • The Dragon's Gaze notes that 51 Eridani b has been discovered to be a cloudy world, and how.

  • Far Outliers notes how the decline of Temasek (the future Singapore) was followed by the rise of Melaka.

  • Hornet Stories tells of an Orthodox Christian priest in Australia, who, at the funeral of a lesbian, called for gays to be shot.

  • Joe. My. God. notes that Catalonia's parliament approved a referendum on secession.

  • The LRB Blog considers the import of Monte Testaccio, a man-made hill of rubble and waste dating from Roman times.

  • The NYR Daily considers the engaging and engaged pop art of Grayson Perry.

  • Roads and Kingdoms tells of a lazy afternoon spent drinking New Zealand beer in a Moscow pub.

  • Towleroad notes an upcoming revealing documentary about Grace Jones.

  • Window on Eurasia notes how, in the Donbas wars, mercenaries are becoming a major, potentially destabilizing force.

  • Yorkshire Ranter Alex Harrowell looks at the conflict between quantitative data and qualitative stories in politics.

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Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (1) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (2) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (3) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (4) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (5) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (6) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (7) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

Telus House 3D Light Sculpture (8) #toronto #telushouse #yorkstreet #3d #lights #sculpture

I was pointed to the existence of this art in the forum of Telus House, on York Street in the PATH, by Paul. This array of lights, constantly shifting in colour, is entrancing, evoking for me the grains of a crystal.
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Last night, I went downtown to King Station to take in the latest high-profile public artwork by Montréal artist Aude Moreau, "Less Is More Or." The choice of the Toronto-Dominion Centre, and of the use of the Mies van der Rohe phrase "Less is more", and the use of lights on the night skyline, was inspired.

"Less is more or" (1) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (2) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (3) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (4) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (5) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (6) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (7) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (7) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (8) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (9) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism

"Less is more or" (10) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism #roundhousepark

"Less is more or" (11) #toronto #financialdistrict #torontodominioncentre #audemoreau #lessismoreor #lights #tower #skyscraper #miesvanderrohe #minimalism #roundhousepark

This press release explains the work--its creator's intent, its scale, its viewability.

Over the Labour Day weekend, Toronto's original skyscrapers will be used as colossal canvases for the largest public art project of its kind undertaken anywhere in the world. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights, artist Aude Moreau will use lit and unlit windows on the top ten floors of the Toronto-Dominion Centre's towers to form the words "LESS IS MORE OR" in hundred-foot-tall glowing letters. Building on the phrase made famous by TD Centre's luminary modernist architect Mies van der Rohe, the ambitious artwork is presented by Cadillac Fairview and TD Bank Group as part of TD Centre's 50th anniversary celebrations.

"Fifty years on, these towers have left an indelible mark on our skyline and helped transform Toronto into the world-class city it is today," said David Hoffman, TD Centre General Manager. "This remarkable artistic endeavor reflects TD Centre's bold vision and ongoing leadership in design excellence, innovation and sustainability – none of which would have been possible without the collaboration and support of our tenants and the community."

The ambitious undertaking has required months of planning and preparation, as well as the help and cooperation of tenants across the complex. Five electrical contractors – Guild, Ainsworth, Symtech, Plan and ACML – donated their services to temporarily reconfigure the buildings' automated lighting systems, while a crew of staff and volunteers will work to open and close blinds on over 6,000 windows across the TD Centre's five towers.

"When Aude Moreau proposed the project almost a year ago, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to partake in a public art installation of this magnitude," Andrea Barrack, VP, Community Relations and Corporate Citizenship, TD Bank Group. "TD has been a proud supporter of the arts in Canada for decades. The creative and innovative manner in which Moreau celebrates the architecture and legacy of Mies van der Rohe is just another example of how Canadian artists are continuing to raise the bar in contemporary art."

[. . .

By adding the word "or" to Mies van der Rohe's statement on minimalism, Moreau invites the viewer to reconsider the values of modernism - to reinvestigate the architect's famous words, to reconsider the values of openness and transparency in the modern world, and to complicate the phrase, leaving it open to a multiplicity of viewpoints. The work revisits the interpretation of the evolution of modernism and the possibilities of what is to come.

My thanks to Paul for pointing me towards Roundhouse Park, to the southwest of the Toronto-Dominion Centre at the foot of the CN Tower, as a viewing point. The last two photos in the series were taken there, while the other nine were taken as I was either approaching or exploring the complex.
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  • At CBC, Don Pittis notes--in this time of a refugee crisis--Canada is economically able to handle more newcomers.

  • I really do want to see this origami diorama tomorrow at the CNE.

  • In this year of free national park admissions, Lauren Krugel notes how Parks Canada prepared for the surge.

  • Atlas Obscura notes that, after almost three decades, the Trans-Canada Trail is finally complete, from coast to coast.

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  • NOW Toronto notes the huge impact of the departure of Jennifer Keesmaat on the city of Toronto. Who will be next?

  • At Spacing, John Lorinc notes that Lilie Zendel, head of Street ART Toronto, is leaving her successful public art job behind.

  • Julien Gignac writes about Andrew O'Connor's pirate radio broadcasting, based from Parkdale.

  • On how St. James Cathedral preserves in its archives a guest book signed by Diana, Charles, and their children.

  • Why, as Canadaland reports, would The Globe and Mail get rid of Tabatha Southey and Leah McLaren? (And keep Margaret Wente?)

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  • Bad Astronomer Phil Plait notes how data mining of stellar surveys led to the discovery of a new star type, the BLAP.

  • The Broadside Blog's Caitlin Kelly tells about her enjoyable recent stay at Fire Island.

  • Centauri Dreams notes the latest maneuvers of asteroid probe OSIRIS-REx.

  • The Dragon's Gaze links to a paper considering oxygen in exoplanet atmospheres as a biomarker.

  • Joe. My. God. notes how racist Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is upset at being called a racist.

  • Language Log notes how China censored images of the Tibetan-language tattoo of MMA fighter Dan Hardy.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money notes how deportees to Mexico are beset by that country's crime syndicates.

  • Marginal Revolution links to a paper considering how many sellers a market needs to be competitive.

  • The New APPS Blog considers the racism of Donald Trump in the light of Agamben's concept of the homo sacer.

  • Personal Reflections' Jim Belshaw considers the issue of monuments in Australia in the context of Aborigines' sufferings by the subjects memorialized.

  • The Planetary Society Blog shows the Jupiter approach videos taken by the Voyager probes.

  • Towleroad explains why Diana, with her embrace of (among other things) fashion and AIDS victims, is a gay icon.

  • Arnold Zwicky notes the official registration in Scotland of a tartan for LGBT people.

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Prince Volodymyr the Great, St. Vladimir Institute

This painting of the prince of Kievan Rus whose conversion to Orthodox Christianity in 988 changed eastern Europe adorns this wall in the St. Vladimir Institute, a Ukrainian cultural centre on Spadina.
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Kate Sharpley, Tales of the Sea LightHouse (2016) #pei #princeedwardisland #charlottetown #confederationcentrepubliclibrary #katesharpley #publicart #lighthouse

On display in a corner of the Confederation Centre Public Library is this sculpture, layering painted pages from discarded library books onto the scaffolding in the shape of the lighthouse. As described by Kate Sharpley, a Prince Edward Island art educator employed by the Confederation Centre of the Arts, the patterns painted reflect a variety of subjects and themes, from fish at the bottom to corvids on top.
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  • Antipope Charlie Stross takes a look at the parlous state of the world, and imagines what if the US and UK went differently.

  • Bad Astronomer Phil Plait takes a look at Sirius, including white dwarf Sirius B.

  • Centauri Dreams considers Cassini's final function, as a probe of Saturn's atmosphere.

  • D-Brief notes the discovery that diamonds rain deep in Neptune (and Uranus).

  • Bruce Dorminey reports on a NASA scientist's argument that we need new interstellar probes, not unlike Voyager 1.

  • The Everyday Sociology Blog looks at the way a course syllabus is like a Van Halen contract rider.

  • Language Hat takes a look at the palimpsests of St. Catherine's Monastery, deep in the Sinai.

  • Language Log looks at the etymology, and the history, of chow mein.

  • The LRB Blog recounts a visit to Mount Rushmore in the era of Trump.

  • Marginal Revolution takes a look at the question of why Mexico isn't enjoying higher rates of economic growth.

  • Personal Reflections' Jim Belshaw considers the extent to which politics these days is just sound and fury, meaning nothing.

  • Mark Simpson links to an essay of his explaining why we should be glad the Smiths broke up in 1987.

  • Speed River Journal's Van Waffle considers the import, to him and the environment, of a spring near his cottage.

  • Starts With A Bang's Ethan Siegel looks at the abundance of black holes in our galaxy, more than one hundred million.

  • Unicorn Booty notes that smoking marijuana might--might--have sexual benefits.

  • Window on Eurasia shares an argument that ethnic Russians in Russia share issue in common with whites in America, and reports on an argument made by one man that ethnic Russians in republics need not learn local languages.


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