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  • Le Devoir wonders if excessive tourism will make Vieux-Québec unlivable for locals.

  • Sam Sklar at CityLab, native of the New Jersey community of Fort Lee, wonders when it will burst out from the shadow of New York City.

  • The question of how Vancouver in the era of legalization will celebrate 4/20 remains actively contested. The National Post reports.

  • CityLab reports on how the 2024 Paris Olympics may help regenerate Saint-Denis.

  • The story about how resettled refugees helped revive the Italian town of Sutera, on the island of Sicily, needs to be better-known. VICE reports.

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  • At NOW Toronto, Rebecca Campbell pays tribute to her friend, and collaborator, the activist Justin Haynes.

  • Transit Toronto notes the four generations of TTC streetcars on display in the Beaches Easter Parade tomorrow.

  • NOW Toronto criticizes the politics of bike lanes in Toronto.

  • NOW Toronto noted how badly Scarborough will be served by the Doug Ford subway plans.

  • Happily, Toronto is one of the top cities for students in the world. blogTO reports.

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  • Architectuul features a photo essay made by Evan Panagopoulos in the course of a hurried three-hour visit to the Socialist Modernist and modern highlights of 20th century Kiev architecture.

  • Bad Astrronomer Phil Plait notes how the latest planet found in the Kepler-47 circumbinary system evokes Tatooine.

  • Centauri Dreams looks at tide and radiation, and their impacts on potential habitability, in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

  • Citizen Science Salon looks at how the TV show Cyberchase can help get young people interested in science and math.

  • Crooked Timber mourns historian David Brion Davis.

  • The Crux looks at how the HMS Challenger pioneered the study of the deeps of the oceans, with that ship's survey of the Mariana Trench.

  • D-Brief looks at how a snowball chamber using supercooled water can be used to hunt for dark matter.

  • Earther shares photos of the heartbreaking and artificial devastation of the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil.

  • Gizmodo shares a beautiful Hubble photograph of the southern Crab Nebula.

  • Information is Beautiful shares a reworked version of the Julia Galef illustration of the San Francisco area meme space.

  • io9 notes that, fresh from being Thor, Jane Foster is set to become a Valkyrie in a new comic.

  • JSTOR Daily explains the Victorian fondness for leeches, in medicine and in popular culture.

  • Language Hat links to an interview with linguist Amina Mettouchi, a specialist in Berber languages.

  • Language Log shares the report of a one-time Jewish refugee on changing language use in Shanghai, in the 1940s and now.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money reports on the horror of self-appointed militias capturing supposed undocumented migrants in the southwestern US.

  • Marginal Revolution reports on the circumstances in which volunteer militaries can outperform conscript militaries.

  • At the NYR Daily, Christopher Benfey reports on the surprisingly intense connection between bees and mourning.

  • Personal Reflections' Jim Belshaw, responding to Israel Folau, considers free expression and employment.

  • The Planetary Society Blog shares a guest post from Barney Magrath on the surprisingly cheap adaptations needed to make an iPhone suitable for astrophotography.

  • Peter Rukavina reports on the hotly-contested PEI provincial election of 1966.

  • Starts With A Bang's Ethan Siegel explains what the discovery of helium hydride actually means.

  • Understanding Society's Daniel Little praises the Jill Lepore US history These Truths for its comprehensiveness.

  • Window on Eurasia reports on the growing divergences in demographics between different post-Soviet countries.

  • Arnold Zwicky starts with another Peeps creation and moves on from there.

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  • JSTOR Daily notes a study examining how we can be nostalgic for the music of our parents.

  • Hornet Stories notes the new album and tour of Carly Rae Jepsen.

  • This Crack Magazine interview with Grimes has been getting a lot of attention, not necessarily positively mind.

  • Hornet Stories highlights the innovative and queer-fronted Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila.

  • Adam Wallis at Global News has an extended feature interviewing the surviving members of the Cranberries about their career and their final album, In The End.

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  • That Archive Of Our Own has won a Hugo nomination is surprising, but deserved, news. Motherboard reports.

  • CityLab notes that people interested in opposite-sex dating, when they make use of apps, look for people near them geographically.

  • NOW Toronto looks at the extent to which anti-Muslim sentiment has made it into mainstream journalistic discourse in Canada.

  • Adam Rogers writes movingly at Wired about the extent to which Notre Dame, for all of its age, is also constantly changing.

  • Vox suggests that Pete Buttigieg, with his rhetoric full of hope, is trying to mobilize the same coalition of voters that saw Obama elected.

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  • Circumstellar habitable zones may be much narrower than previously hoped, Universe Today notes.

  • NOW Toronto notes changes in Ontario law that might expose endangered species like cormorants to hunting.

  • The world's glaciers have lost more than nine trillion tons of ice in the past century, Universe Today reports.

  • Politico Europe notes that Spain is at particular risk of desertification as climate change proceeds.

  • The Smithsonian Magazine notes that, as growing seasons extend thanks to global warming, so do allergy-causing pollen counts.

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  • Two British tourists were kicked out of their Niagara Falls hotel for supporting striking workers at an attached restaurant. CBC reports.

  • Members of different Christian minorities from the Middle East living in London, Ontario, have united to create a new community church. CBC reports.

  • Le Devoir looks at how Québec City is torn by a debate: Should it build a streetcar or a subway?

  • The British Columbia city of surrey is currently rounding up its rogue peacocks. Global News reports.

  • Guardian Cities reports on how the Japanese city of Onagawa, hit by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, is trying to rebuild without sprawl.

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  • Jamie Bradburn was decidedly unimpressed by the Neon Museum at Junction House.

  • Renovictions are a real concern for many renters in Toronto, already living on the edges of their budgets. CBC reports.

  • Urban Toronto notes an interesting consolidation of two development plans into one at Yonge and Eglinton, here.

  • blogTO notes how the Royal Ontario Museum is now going to offer free admission every third Monday of the month.

  • Natalia Manzocco writes at NOW Toronto about how the Room With A View pop-up restaurant underneath the Gardiner Expressway ended up triggering city concerns over housing.

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  • Bad Astronomy notes how the occultation of distant stars by nearby asteroids can help astronomers determine stars' size.

  • D-Brief notes the remarkable achievements of some scientists in reviving the brains of pigs hours after their death.

  • Dangerous Minds takes a look at how David Bowie got involved in The Man Who Fell To Earth.

  • Dead Things looks at the recent identification of the late Cretaceous dinosaur Gobihadros.

  • Bruce Dorminey notes that astronomers have determined an interstellar meteorite likely hit the Earth in 2014.

  • Gizmodo reports on a very dim L-dwarf star 250 light-years away, ULAS J224940.13−011236.9, that experienced a massive flare. How did it do it?

  • Hornet Stories shares some vintage photos of same-sex couples from generations ago being physically affectionate.

  • At The Island Review, Nancy Forde writes about motherhood and her experience on Greenland, in the coastal community of Ilulissat.

  • JSTOR Daily notes how Paris' Notre-Dame has always been in a process of recreation.

  • Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns, and Money notes the continuing oppression of workers in Bangladesh.

  • The LRB Blog notes the flaws in the defense, and in the political thinking, of Julian Assange. (Transparency is not enough.)

  • The NYR Daily reports on how photographer Claudia Andujar has regarded the Yanomami as they face existential challenges.

  • The Planetary Society Blog traces the crash of Beresheet on the Moon to a software conflict.

  • Ilya Somin at the Volokh Conspiracy warns against the idea of inevitable moral progress.

  • Window on Eurasia notes the desires of some Russian conservatives to see Russia included in a European Union dominated by neo-traditionalists.

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Bloor Street Fitness and Boxing (2295 Dundas Street West) was brightly, almost gaudily, lit up as I passed by it Tuesday night at about 9:30, lights on and gloves up.

Bloor Street 24/7 Fitness #toronto #dundasstreetwest #bloorstreetfitness #bloorstreetfitnessandboxing #night #lights
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  • Wired notes that Apple is transforming itself into a luxury brand. Is this an unsustainable niche?

  • Wired examines how Google's human AI experts are trying to train artificial intelligences to do their work.

  • Universe Today notes that SpaceIL is planning to return to the Moon with a Beresheet 2 probe.

  • The New Yorker looks at the progress made towards the roboticization of agriculture, looking at strawberry harvesting in particular. Can it be done?

  • Stephen Buranyi writes at the NYR Daily about the impact of gene editing technologies on humanity. How will we manage them? Can we?

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  • Queerty profiles the new permanent exhibition in Miami of mid-20th century photographer George Daniell, whose works often including queer subjects date back to the 1940s.

  • Mike Miksche writes at Slate about the import of the Black Party in New York City in 1989, for partying gay and bi men in the era of AIDS.

  • This extended interview with Troye Sivan at The Guardian exposes a lot of this out star.

  • This VICE interview with Contrapoints star Natalie Wynn makes me want to start watching her, now, on YouTube.

  • John Aravosis is quite right to argue, at The Daily Beast, that arguing Pete Buttigieg is not gay enough is ridiculous.

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  • In a guest opinion at The Guardian, Stephen DeGrace makes the argument for PEI to vote for a mixed-member proportional electoral system at the end of April.

  • 14 thousand voters, 13% of the electorate, cast votes in the advance polling on PEI. CBC PEI reports.

  • CBC PEI reports that the Sikh holiday of Vaisakhi was widely celebrated by the Island's growing Sikh community.

  • The Guardian notes the creation by Charlottetown of a registry of secondary and garden suites, the better to grapple with the housing crisis.

  • Peter Rukavina links to Harry Holman's blog post explaining why there is a cannon lodged in the sidewalk at Queen and Grafton.

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  • The National Observer notes the challenges facing the iconic Biosphere of Montréal.

  • La Presse reports on the last surviving traces of the old streetcar system of Montréal.

  • HuffPostQuébec reports that, more than a half-century after the construction of the failed Mirabel airport, expropriated lands are being returned.

  • CityLab reports on the reasons why a trial ban on road traffic through Mount Royal Park did not work out.

  • How well-protected are the churches of Montréal against fire? CTV considers.

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  • Urban Toronto shares a detailed plan for the Galleria Mall redevelopment.

  • Jennifer Pagliaro at the Toronto Star shows how the Ontario government keeps undermining decisions made in Toronto, here.

  • Actually building the Ontario Line, beneath Fort York and the Don River, will be a very tricky affair. The Toronto Star reports.

  • This Toronto Star article describing how four young adults in their early 20s have to cram into a single apartment in order to live in Toronto is a terrible indictment of our housing policies.

  • Rick Salutin at Rabble celebrates the achievements of Toronto's Theatre Passe Muraille.

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  • Centauri Dreams notes the possible discovery of Proxima Centauri c.

  • D-Brief notes the discovery of a second circumbinary planet in the Kepler-47 system.

  • Far Outliers notes the Union reaction to the civil war battle of Shiloh.
  • Mark Graham shares a link to an article abstract examining the impact of call centres on social upgrading in South Africa.

  • io9 notes plans for closer integration between the movie and television properties of the MCU.

  • JSTOR Daily explains how Florida got its name.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money notes the similarities between the Notre Dame fire and the destruction of the National Museum of Brazil last year.

  • The LRB Blog notes the appeal of Gothic architecture.

  • Marginal Revolution links to a paper suggesting that, in the United States, negative effects of the China Shock had concluded a decade ago.

  • The NYR Daily looks at Trump's agitprop.

  • Drew Rowsome interviews actor Nathaniel Bacon on the occasion of his appearance in a new Sky Gilbert show.

  • Peter Rukavina shares a map of light pollution on PEI.

  • Starts With A Bang shares a plan for reducing light pollution in an urbanizing world.

  • Window on Eurasia complains of a creeping annexation of Belarus by Russia.


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