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  • At NOW Toronto, Rebecca Campbell pays tribute to her friend, and collaborator, the activist Justin Haynes.

  • Transit Toronto notes the four generations of TTC streetcars on display in the Beaches Easter Parade tomorrow.

  • NOW Toronto criticizes the politics of bike lanes in Toronto.

  • NOW Toronto noted how badly Scarborough will be served by the Doug Ford subway plans.

  • Happily, Toronto is one of the top cities for students in the world. blogTO reports.

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  • Jamie Bradburn was decidedly unimpressed by the Neon Museum at Junction House.

  • Renovictions are a real concern for many renters in Toronto, already living on the edges of their budgets. CBC reports.

  • Urban Toronto notes an interesting consolidation of two development plans into one at Yonge and Eglinton, here.

  • blogTO notes how the Royal Ontario Museum is now going to offer free admission every third Monday of the month.

  • Natalia Manzocco writes at NOW Toronto about how the Room With A View pop-up restaurant underneath the Gardiner Expressway ended up triggering city concerns over housing.

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  • Urban Toronto shares a detailed plan for the Galleria Mall redevelopment.

  • Jennifer Pagliaro at the Toronto Star shows how the Ontario government keeps undermining decisions made in Toronto, here.

  • Actually building the Ontario Line, beneath Fort York and the Don River, will be a very tricky affair. The Toronto Star reports.

  • This Toronto Star article describing how four young adults in their early 20s have to cram into a single apartment in order to live in Toronto is a terrible indictment of our housing policies.

  • Rick Salutin at Rabble celebrates the achievements of Toronto's Theatre Passe Muraille.

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  • Helen Armstrong at NOW Toronto writes against the crude repression, well short of constructive regulation, facing sex workers in Toronto.

  • Donovan Vincent at the Toronto Star notes the Toronto controversy around the idea of having houses with two front doors, including one for a basement unit. Why must that unit's residents be hidden?

  • blogTO notes the utter absence of the Eglinton East LRT in the new Toronto transit plan.

  • Steve Munro considers the poor state of planning, and funding, for Line 1 of the subway.

  • Toronto Life goes back more than a century to take a look at the many discarded plans for subways. Is it comfort, at least, that the lack of good planning is a trait apparently inherent to Torontonians?

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  • blogTO shares a new map depicting prices for new homes at different stations on the GO Transit network, here.

  • This real-estate ad offering an actively used office as someone's home for a mere $C 1695 a month is ridiculous on so many levels. The Toronto Star reports.

  • Transit Toronto notes that GO Transit has dropped fares on trips shorter than 10 kilometres while raising them for longer trips.

  • 98% of the material used in these modern houses worth $C 1.7 million is made of recycled materials. The Toronto Star reports.

  • The irony of a posh pop-up restaurant being created underneath the Gardiner Expressway while, just a bit to the east, homeless people living under the highway were driven from their shelter, is shocking. CBC reports.

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  • Sean Marshall reports on the long history of Toronto in coming up with new transit plans and failing to follow through.

  • The failings of the one-stop Scarborough subway extension go back to the concept's very conception. The Toronto Star reports.

  • The new plans of the province of Ontario for taking over the TTC are, rightfully, causing alarm at Toronto City Hall. CBC reports.

  • blogTO notes the proposal for Union Centre, a new skyscraper in downtown Toronto designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group that will feature a treed roof.

  • blogTO notes a new report making it clear that housing affordability has become a major issue for Torontonians, with costs of ownership and rental having reached new highs relative to income.

  • Alok Mukherjee makes the point at NOW Toronto that any inquiry into Toronto Police conduct in the McArthur killings has to be part of a general inquiry into how the police conducts itself internally.

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  • CBC notes that the federal government has given the Greater Toronto Area $C 150 million for flood mitigation measures.

  • blogTO notes that the Vegandale controversy in Parkdale is continuing, with allegations new restaurants in the area have hidden links to unpopular Vegandale business proprietors.

  • The nigh-iconic main location of sex shop Seduction on Yonge Street is closing down. blogTO reports.

  • Why are all of the legal marijuana shops in Toronto concentrated in the downtown? The Toronto Star reports.

  • Global News reports on the different problems with recycling material in Toronto.

  • What would the Downtown Relief Line look like if the TTC was brought thoroughly under provincial control? The Toronto Star reports.

  • Samantha Edwards at NOW Toronto writes about the end of the Coffin Factory as a haven for artists, victim to the forces of gentrification undermining much of the physical base of the artistic culture of the city.

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  • Urban Toronto looks at the new proposal for a condo tower at 300 Bloor Street West, at Bloor and Huron.

  • Toronto's Great Hall, on Queen Street West, is up for sale. blogTO reports.

  • Residents and tenants of the Coffin Factory at staging a funeral for this location as it is on the verge of being made into a condo development. blogTO reports.

  • A new exhibit in North York is profiling the history of immigrant construction workers in Toronto. CBC reports.

  • Could a tax on multi-million dollar homes in Toronto be used to generate funds for the homeless? The Toronto Star reports.

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  • Sean Marshall explores the origins of the "bull's eyes" lights on TTC streetcars and buses.

  • This Toronto Star article looks at how the construction of oversized homes is changing established Toronto neighbourhoods.

  • Urban Toronto reports on a new high-end townhouse development set for construction in Long Branch, Longhaven Towns.

  • Toronto Life shares the story of a young woman from Cambridge whose first Toronto apartment was a nightmare.

  • Toronto Life profiles Unboxed Market, a zero-waste grocery store in Little Portugal at Dundas and Dovercourt.

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  • r/toronto notes, via blogTO, that the old HMV at Yonge and Dundas is set to become a cannabis dispensary.

  • The University of Toronto is being criticized by students for its handling of recent suicides and its mental health policies generally. CBC reports.

  • blogTO notes that the Ralph Thornton Community Centre in Riverside will be throwing a Game of Thrones-themed festival in May.

  • New changes to the regulation of secondary suites may make things easier in the Toronto rental market. CBC reports.

  • Urban Toronto reports on two ambitious plans to densify Scarborough Centre.

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  • blogTO reports that the Hearn Generating Station is set to become a public space again this summer with a party.

  • Laneway housing in Toronto, now legalized, is starting to take shape as an architectural form. The Toronto Star reports.

  • The new Artscape Weston Common project for artists at Weston Road and Lawrence will hopefully help a neighbourhood taking on a new form. The Toronto Star reports.

  • A redditor at r/Toronto confirms that the venerable Coffee Time outside of Jane station, supposedly closed for renovations, will not reopen.

  • The last Mmmuffins store in Toronto, somewhere in the PATH, is also set to close. blogTO reports.

  • The selection of Toronto-born Lilly Singh to be the next late-night host on NBC really breaks all sorts of boundaries. VICE reports.

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  • After a fire last night, the homeless encampments underneath the Gardiner Expressway have been cleared. Global News reports.

  • blogTO reports on a terribly depressing unit offered for rent in East York at $C 1250.

  • blogTO notes that a new pedestrian sky bridge is scheduled to be built in Exhibition Place.

  • Urban Toronto notes that the steel skeleton has been put in place for the new extension to Robarts Library.

  • blogTO reports on moves to place Ontario Place under heritage protection, sparing it redevelopment.

  • George Popper writes at Spacing against new city development protocols for Toronto neighbourhoods.

  • The state of 650 Parliament Street, now slated to be reopened in August of this year, is appalling. The Toronto Star reports.

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  • Justin Haynes writes at NOW Toronto about the exceptional difficulty of finding affordable housing in Toronto for people on ODSP.

  • CBC Toronto reports on the life of Crystal Papineau, a homeless woman who died in a tragic accident in Bloorcourt.

  • Transit Toronto notes that Yonge and Eglinton is going to be disrupted for the next two months by Eglinton Crosstown construction.

  • Toronto Life looks at Brooke Lynn Hites, the first Canadian contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race.

  • Samantha Edwards writes at NOW Toronto about the concern that our city's boom in condo construction might also lead to loneliness. What is to be done?

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  • CBC reports on the exceptional problems facing Indigenous people hoping to rent housing in Toronto.

  • The Mohawk community of Kahnawake is divided by a new proposal to open up slot machines. CBC reports.

  • Kanesatake has a new app aiming to promote knowledge of the Mohawk language among its users. CBC reports.

  • An Edmonton man is trying to compile an archive of Indigenous audiovisual material for future generations, Global News reports.

  • This article at The Conversation places Jody Wilson-Raybould in a tradition of Indigenous women who were tellers of truths to power.

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  • Narcity reports that the 27-story Designers Walk condo tower in Yorkville is going to be a green vertical forest.

  • The owners of the Hearn generating station are upset the building has received heritage protection from the City of Toronto. The Toronto Star reports.

  • David Rider at the Toronto Star notes a new study suggesting there is substantial leeway for Toronto to increase property taxes.

  • The Varsity notes that the University of Toronto now receives more funding from international students' tuition than from the Ontario provincial government.

  • The tenants of 394 Dovercourt Road fear they might face renoviction from their affordable homes. The Toronto Star reports.

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  • This thread at Reddit's unresolvedmysteries forum takes a look at a mysterious string of deaths at 200 Wellesley Street East. Like much of the best true crime writing out there, the discussion drills down into an examination of the forces leading to these tragedies. Recommended reading, this.

  • CBC reports on the exceptional difficulties facing prospective renters in the city of Toronto in finding housing.

  • blogTO notes that the housing crunch in Toronto is such that many Torontonians are doing their best to stay in place.

  • Diane Peters, writing at TVO, suggests Toronto may be poised for a boom in housing co-operatives.

  • Mariana Valverde writes at the CFE blog about how Toronto seems apparently unprepared at the official level for the Sidewalk Labs revenue grab.

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  • There will be a new shelter for homeless youth in Scarborough soon, capable of housing several dozen people. CBC reports.

  • Christopher Hume at the Toronto Star suggests that much of the controversy, at least, over Google's plans in the Port Lands is misjudged.

  • Tess Kalinowski at the Toronto Star shares some locally new ideas for increasing housing supply.

  • Winter Stations is back this winter at Ashbridge's Bay! Global News reports.

  • Sarah Ratzlaff at Spacing interviews sculptor Shary Boyle about her new work, Cracked Wheat, on display in front of the Gardiner Museum.

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  • The upload of the TTC from Toronto to Ontario may well prove which level of government can do a better job of building transit, the city or the province, Ben Spurr notes at the Toronto Star.

  • Businesses in Toronto's Port Lands welcome increased development, for understandable reasons. The Toronto Star reports.

  • NOW Toronto notes that John Tory neglects mental health as not a cause but a consequence of homelessness, given the extraordinary stresses that imposes on people.

  • Jamie Bradburn looks at how Toronto responded to the death of former prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier back in 1919.

  • Cheryll Case at the Broadbent Blog notes the negative effect that the Finch and Eglinton LRTs can have on affordable housing in northwestern Toronto, where Toronto's black populations are most concentrated.

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  • Marco Chown Oved reports at the Toronto Star on how Sidewalk Labs wants to expand its vision for Quayside, taking over not only the entire Port Lands but taxation power, too.

  • St. James Town has been having a terrible string of failures recently. CTV News reports on one of these.

  • The recent "chair girl" episode, CBC Toronto notes, has highlighted again issues with Airbnb and with condo living.

  • Chris Bateman at CityLab explores the history of the Coal Bin, an early 1970s "fern bar" in the Financial District that was the first singles bar open to women in Toronto.

  • Peter Biesterfield writes at NOW Toronto about the scope of the Toronto homelessness crisis, and the lack of meaningful public action to deal with it.

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  • Transit Toronto takes a look at the outline of the uploading agreement the city of Toronto has reached with Ontario on the TTC.

  • Trespassing on TTC lines has been responsible for many hours' worth of delays. CBC reports
  • NOW Toronto reports on the exciting Ice Breakers exhibition on the waterfront at Queens Quay.

  • Spending so little on repairs creates a real possibility of accelerated collapse of Toronto infrastructure in the foreseeable future. The Toronto Star reports.

  • Jason Miller at the Toronto Star notes how the housing crisis in Toronto makes more important the debate over what to do with illegal rooming houses.


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