Feb. 21st, 2006

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One (spoilers) praising Century Rain but taking issues with its alternate history content, the other wondering if a limited nuclear war in central Europe between NATO and the Warsaw Pact was ever possible, or plausible.
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The prominence given to Paul Bernardo's admission to ten more sexual assaults only highlights the extent to which the Bernardo-Homolka pairing has become postmodern English Canada's most famous celebrity criminals.

It remained unclear why Mr. Bernardo had chosen to come forward with the information now. His former lawyer, Paul Burstein, told CBC Newsworld it's possible vanity may have played a role in the decision.

"Sometimes people who have been in the news, even for having done bad things, miss being in the news and miss the attention," he said, noting he hadn't spoken to Mr. Bernardo and was only speculating on possible motives.

"Unlike Karla, who's been front and centre for the last several years, Mr. Bernardo has sort of faded into obscurity so it could just be vanity."

He said it's also possible he may be benefiting from treatment received in prison. He may also be trying to set himself up for a parole eligibility hearing in coming years, Mr. Burstein said.

Québec's attention to the case was diminished by the language barrier and diverted by la belle province's biker wars, perhaps explaining Karla's relocation to Montréal. Perhaps now that she's gained a higher profile her ex-husband, too, might gain the attraction of the Québécois press, and all Canadians could be united.
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Doug reports about life in the Cambodian capital.
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