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  • Peter Geoghegan writes at Open Democracy about the mess that Brexit has made of Ireland, two decades after the Troubles' end.

  • Anthrodendum's Alex Golub notes that a North Korean attack on Guam, among other things, would threaten the Chamorro natives of the island.

  • The Toronto Star carries an excerpt from a book by Mark Dowie looking at how the Haida, of Haida Gwaii, managed to win government recognition of their existence.

  • CBC's Sameer Chhabra explores how Canadian students at Caribbean medical schools find it very difficult to get jobs back home.

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  • Far Outliers takes a look at the syncretism that marked the Jews of Ottoman-era Salonica.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money's Dave Brockington is perplexed by the British Conservatives' erratic and unproductive policies on Europe, and also makes the point that Democratic defeats in recent elections and referenda in the United States have to do with key components of Obama's coalition like the young and minorities not turning out.

  • Noel Maurer writes about the long-term impact of financial crises on trend economic growth.

  • J. Otto Pohl blogs about the man responsible for the creation of Kyrgyzstan back in the 1920s.

  • Passing Strangeness explores the mystery of what, exactly, the early 16th century infectious English Sweate actually was.

  • Slap Upside the Head lets us know that children's publisher Scholastic censored a book featuring lesbian parents, and reports on the happy enws that the United States now allows HIV-positive visitors within its borders.

  • Will Baird at the Dragon's Tales reports on a new initiative on Guamanian statehood.

  • The Voloh Conspiracy's Ilya Somin makes the obvious point that Leon Trotsky was an evil, evil man.

  • Window on Eurasia blogs about the transformation of identities among Daghestani migrants in Russian cities and the prevalence of nationalism ahead of religion as an anti-Russian force in the North Caucasus.

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