07:54 am

[PHOTO] Boer War Memorial, Dorchester Square, looking north

07:55 am

[PHOTO] Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, looking up

11:07 am

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

11:26 am

[URBAN NOTE] On London, Ontario, declaring itself a sanctuary city

11:30 am

[LINK] "Trump's Ban Undermines Iraqi Cooperation Against Islamic State"

11:33 am

[LINK] "Goldman Sachs Breaks With Government Sachs on Immigrant Ban"

07:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Plan for Honest Ed's site revised to save more heritage buildings, add extra park spac

08:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How to Turn the Province’s Rejection of Tolls on the DVP and Gardiner Into an Opportun

08:02 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Wynne’s U-turn on road tolls dangerous for Tory"

08:40 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "GO expansion could boost GTA property values"

08:45 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto realtors predict another price surge in 2017"

09:09 pm

[LINK] "Opposition accuses Trudeau of 'betrayal' as Liberals abandon promise of electoral reform"

09:14 pm

[LINK] "In a 'humiliating' and 'threatening' tone, Trump lambasted Mexico's president during a phone

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09:25 pm

[LINK] "No ‘G’day, mate’: On call with Australian prime minister, Trump badgers and brags"

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09:32 pm

[LINK] Slate on China as a big winner from the Trump presidency

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11:44 am

[PHOTO] Lion of Belfort, Dorchester Square, Montréal

11:46 am

[PHOTO] Casa da Madeira, 1621 Dupont Street

11:48 am

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

11:46 pm

[MUSIC] Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, "Der Mussolini"

01:51 pm

[PHOTO] Sir Wilfrid Laurier Monument, Dorchester Square, front and back

02:14 pm

[PHOTO] Demolition in progress, Dupont west of Lansdowne

05:44 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

05:58 pm

[LINK] "How a former editor allegedly used Vice Canada to recruit drug mules for a global smuggling

06:01 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s economy doesn’t get the respect it deserves"

07:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "New agency aims to attract foreign investment to Greater Toronto Area"

09:32 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, reclining

10:27 am

[PHOTO] Three photos around the Place des Arts, Montréal, at twilight

11:23 am

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

02:43 pm

[CAT] "Scientists want to give the world a second chance at Caspian tigers"

02:47 pm

[CAT] The BBC on the near-impossibility of herding cats

02:50 pm

[CAT] "Cats’ memories may be as good as dogs"

02:54 pm

[ISL] "After 35 years, abortions are finally available in P.E.I."

05:04 pm

[ISL] "'Proud to be a Canadian': 2,000 on P.E.I. march against Islamophobia"

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05:10 pm

[ISL] "Construction workers needed on P.E.I., says industry"

08:35 pm

[LINK] "Students affected by travel ban look to Canada"

08:38 pm

[LINK] "Canada told LGBT Iranian refugees to apply to the US. Then Trump happened"

08:41 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto Sun Columnists on the Wrong Side of History Through the Ages"

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08:44 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Derek Hawkins of the Washington Post on the resurgence of the "black bloc"

09:02 pm

[FORUM] What are your favourite strategies of political protest?

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09:28 am

[PHOTO] Towards the Square Saint-Louis, Montréal

09:35 am

[PHOTO] Toronto Geodetic Survey Marker, The Junction

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01:16 pm

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

01:27 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "‘Very serious’ allegations over Scarborough subway debate referred to auditor general"

01:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Welcome to Toronto! Streetcar 4431 arrives from Thunder Bay"

01:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "City manager blasts Wynne’s U-turn on tolls"

07:05 am

[OBSCURA] Alex Colville, "To Prince Edward Island

08:08 am

[PHOTO] Monument Octave Crémazie, Square Saint-Louis

08:12 am

[PHOTO] Westbound train approaches, Dufferin Station

11:29 am

[BLOG] Some Monday links

11:40 am

[URBAN NOTE] "Reflections on the art of flânerie"

11:46 am

[URBAN NOTE] "As Toronto home prices soar, commuters will feel the pain"

01:55 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How Queen and Broadview's small businesses are losing to gentrification"

01:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "One of Toronto's architectural 'gems' could get a new lease on life"

02:03 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The business case for heritage building preservation"

07:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto shelters struggle to cope with surge in refugee claimants"

07:24 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Foreign home buyers love Toronto for the schools: realtor"

07:31 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The petty battle against Bike Share in historic Cabbagetown"

07:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Torontoist on Bikes and Belonging

07:38 pm

[PHOTO] "Selfies blur the line between high-art and social posturing"

08:12 pm

[PHOTO] Seven past links of mine and one review on photography

12:30 pm

[PHOTO] 3869, Avenue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville

01:38 pm

[PHOTO] Raccoon tracks in the snow

11:27 am

[PHOTO] Orange wall, rue Saint-Denis

11:32 am

[PHOTO] Leaves of autumn, Dovercourt above Dupont

12:17 pm

[PHOTO] Late afternoon, rue Saint-Denis at Sherbrooke

12:19 pm

[PHOTO] Old factory of Liberty Village

02:35 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

05:11 pm

[LINK] "Canadians want Trudeau to stand up to Trump, even if it leads to trade war: poll"

05:16 pm

[LINK] "Canada shouldn’t throw Mexico under the bus to placate Donald Trump"

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05:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Honest Ed’s sign will move to Ed Mirvish Theatre"

05:24 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Preservation of Honest Ed’s sign part of new movement, ‘sign-ism:’"


11:35 pm

[MUSIC] Roxette, "The Look"

09:15 am

[OBSCURA] Charles Rennie Macintosh, "A Southern Port"

09:53 am

[PHOTO] Spire of Saint-Jacques Cathedral, UQAM

01:54 pm

[PHOTO] At the edge, Mowat Avenue

03:34 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

10:10 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto's Pearson airport unveils early concept for transit hub"

10:14 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How Finland Gets People Biking Through Winter"

10:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto skateboarders carve out space in park design"

10:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "'Giving them something natural': Toronto Zoo elephants find happy retirement in Califo

10:25 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The female has spoken: queen takes baboon throne at Toronto Zoo"

10:27 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why Hollywood is obsessed with Boston"

10:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Atlanta's All Grown Up"

08:46 am

[OBSCURA] Pablo Picasso, Guernica

01:00 pm

[CAT] Shakespeare and Caitians

01:52 pm

[PHOTO] Bell tower of Saint-Sauveur, Hôpital Saint-Luc, Montréal

05:08 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

05:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Two centuries and counting for Toronto's last farming family"

05:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Population falling in areas near planned Scarborough subway stop"

05:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "New life for Eglinton Avenue East"

08:05 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Customers, food banks hit by No Frills closures"

08:08 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Parkdale tenants take to the street to fight rent hike"

08:11 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Urban buildings repurposed for student housing"

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08:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why Regent Park’s Revitalization Needs $108 Million More to Keep Going"

08:18 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Bombardier seeks injunction to stop Metrolinx contract termination"

11:49 pm

[DM] "Hans Rosling, in memoriam"

05:51 pm

[OBSCURA] Yves Klein, "Monochrome bleu sans titre (IKB 81)"

07:47 pm

[PHOTO] Towards Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, Montréal

11:20 am

[PHOTO] Eight photos from Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, Montréal

02:23 pm

[PHOTO] Red berries in winter, Liberty Village

05:48 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

05:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Banksy artwork restored as public art in pedestrian walkway "

06:02 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Opening the Eaton Centre"

06:04 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Alex Bozikovic on the impending demolition of Davisville Public School

07:52 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Soaring Toronto housing sparks interest in co-owning"

07:55 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Canadian families moving to escape urban housing prices"

07:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "King St. plans still leave room for cars"

08:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "TTC received 114 complaints about fare inspectors last year"

08:02 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Abraham Riseman at Vulture on Scott Thompson and Buddy Cole

11:44 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Doug Ford leads protest against Tory’s budget and hints he might run for mayor"

10:00 am

[PHOTO] Towards the Marché Bonsecours, Montréal

10:13 am

[PHOTO] Old car on Mowat Avenue, Liberty Village


01:30 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

01:41 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Massive fire at Toronto racquet club closes down midtown intersection"

01:46 pm

[LINK] "Trump and Trudeau meeting hits right notes for Canadians wary of trade threat"

01:48 pm

[LINK] "How much trade leverage does Canada really have with the U.S.?"

01:53 pm

[LINK] On Canadian and American science and government repression

04:38 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Parkdale landlord MetCap facing growing backlash over rent hikes at 87 Jameson"

04:41 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "High-end rental towers are on the rise"

04:43 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why renting makes more sense than buying in Toronto's real estate market"

04:45 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Matador might never reopen as venue operators grow tired of endless fight for music"

07:39 am

[PHOTO] Marché Bonsecours, seen from the south

07:44 am

[PHOTO] Cacti of West Elm, Liberty Village


11:45 am

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

11:58 am

[URBAN NOTE] "Burned down Badminton and Racquet Club had 90-year storied history"

12:01 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Fanfare for Hugh's Room fundraiser upsets unpaid staff"

12:04 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Is the Exhibition Place's Hotel X back on track?"

12:07 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Matthew Hague on the Winter Stations of Toronto

01:55 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Building community through the use of public space in the sharing economy"

01:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Metrolinx ponders distance-based transit fares for all passengers in the Toronto regio

10:50 am

[PHOTO] Corridor of trees in the Vieux-Port, evening

10:58 am

[PHOTO] Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962), on metal

02:38 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

05:45 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Yonge and St. Clair business owners left reeling after Valentine’s Day blaze"

05:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Transit First For King Street?"

05:53 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto council approves 2 per cent property tax increase"

05:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Victoria College pays no property taxes on pricey Bloor land"

05:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Price to rent a Toronto apartment up by $300+ in last six months"

06:01 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "U of T students flock to ancient language Ge'ez course, funded in part by The Weeknd"

06:03 pm

[LINK] "B.C. supports feasibility study of high-speed rail line from Portland to Vancouver"

08:13 pm

[ISL] "From sand beach to frozen lake, meet the guys of the Cayman Islands pond hockey team"

08:18 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Raizel Robin in Toronto Life on the Toronto South Detention Centre

11:30 pm

[MUSIC] Blondie, "Fun"

07:53 am

[PHOTO] Un tire d'érable, $C 3

08:55 am

[PHOTO] Fifteen photos of the Graffiti Alley, Toronto

11:35 am

[BLOG] Some Friday links

11:56 pm

[AUDIO] "GOCHO TALKS With RANDY McDONALD @ Pacific Junction Hotel (2.6.17)"

10:25 am

[OBSCURA] André Masson, Pedestal Table in the Studio

10:54 am

[CAT] Neighbourhood cat

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10:55 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, paw outstretched

10:59 am

[PHOTO] Nelson's Column and Hôtel de Ville, Montréal

01:42 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

01:53 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Stories of Draper Street"

01:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Scarborough roots of Wayne's World"

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01:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How Toronto was marketed to the world in the 1970s"

02:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "How six undergrads saved U of T’s rare books"

05:32 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Farewell bash at Honest Ed’s a party for everyone"

05:35 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Should Toronto get a neon sign museum? All the signs are there"

05:38 pm

[CAT] "Kedi: A gentle meditation on the bond between humans and cats in Istanbul"

05:41 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Metrolinx to Bombardier: ‘stop blaming others’ for your mistakes"

05:43 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Yonge Street project in North York might become casualty of budget debate"

07:32 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Rethinking King Street: Is Toronto ready to move forward?"

10:27 pm

[ISL] "#MIPL and the death of shame"

07:56 am

[PHOTO] CN Tower

08:03 am

[PHOTO] Celebrating Montreal 375 at City Hall, Montréal

11:23 am

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

11:37 am

[URBAN NOTE] "Protesters outside Masjid Toronto call for ban on Islam as Muslims pray inside"

11:42 am

[LINK] "Trump immigration raids are for white voters in the Midwest"

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11:45 am

[LINK] "The Stories We Tell about Resettlement: Refugees, Asylum and the #MuslimBan"

11:47 am

[URBAN NOTE] "“We Are Confident That Victory Is in Sight”"

02:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The House that Riesling Built"

02:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "New Toronto condo a marvel of engineering"

02:36 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto area in housing bubble, say BMO Capital Markets economists"

02:38 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Metrolinx Fetish For Fare By Distance"

02:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "$80M TTC budget hike not quite at ‘record’ level "

08:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "With urbanity denied in North York, what is Scarborough’s fate?"

09:12 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "$10,000 fine for Toronto homeowner who used agencies like Airbnb to find tenants"

09:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Chasing the Canadian dream: The real force driving the housing boom in our big cities"

12:02 pm

[PHOTO] Hotel Nelligan, 106 rue Saint-Paul Ouest

01:16 pm

[PHOTO] 422-424 Wellington Street West, Toronto

02:34 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

06:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The fascinating history of Toronto's oldest bookstore"

06:22 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Sold! How to make $900K on a Toronto house flip"

06:24 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "No fixed address: How I became a 32-year-old couch surfer"

06:28 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Taxpayer-funded transit report kept secret by city"

06:31 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Honouring Hurricane Hazel as a work of art"

06:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Winter Stations bring whimsical designs to the Beach"

06:36 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Ontario’s lack of foreign-buyer data sparks concern about a Toronto housing crisis"

08:49 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Nobody’s cheering, except real estate agents: The ‘trapped wealth’ of Toronto’s unrele

08:52 pm

[LINK] "Canada won’t abandon Mexico in NAFTA talks, Freeland says"

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08:51 am

[PHOTO] Wandering around Vieux-Montréal, late evening

10:09 am

[PHOTO] Nine photos from the CBC Museum, Toronto (#cbc)

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11:27 am

[URBAN NOTE] "Fog advisory in place for Toronto with near zero visibility in some areas"

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01:24 pm

[LINK] "Astronomers discover 7 Earth-like planets orbiting nearby star"

01:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "TTC votes to find out how much money it's lost from faulty Presto card readers"

01:35 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "TTC union board votes 'no confidence' in Bob Kinnear after court reinstates him"

01:38 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto city staff want to see Victoria University pay property tax on Yorkville land"

01:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "TTC union asks Bob Kinnear to quit hours after judge reinstates him"

01:46 pm

[MUSIC] "Don't let Toronto's buzz bands become bubble bands"

01:49 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Rosie DiManno in the Toronto Star on the Badminton and Racquet Club fire

04:49 pm

[ISL] "China close to finishing buildings on South China Sea islands that could house missiles, US s

04:53 pm

[ISL] "Trying to Stanch Trinidad’s Flow of Young Recruits to ISIS"

04:55 pm

[LINK] "The plot to overthrow… Montenegro?"

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04:57 pm

[LINK] "Still in Limbo, Somaliland Banking on Berbera"

04:59 pm

[ISL] "Shetland Islands toy with idea of post-Brexit independence"

12:49 pm

[PHOTO] Five photos from Pointe-à-Callière and Place Royale, Montréal

01:27 pm

[PHOTO] Barbara Frum Atrium, ready for filming

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07:41 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

11:36 am

[PHOTO] Eight photos from the Vieux-Port de Montréal

11:56 am

[PHOTO] Five photos from the Ivan Harris Gallery, Canadian Broadcasting Centre, Toronto (#cbc)

12:22 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

01:07 pm

[BLOG] Seven links on the TRAPPIST-1 system

07:17 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto sets record for warmest February day"

07:20 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Wake up, Toronto, to your housing crisis"

07:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto’s runaway housing market heading for paralysis, economists warn"

07:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto realtors warned on handling of pre-emptive offers in red-hot market"

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07:28 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "An Honest Farewell: goodbye Honest Ed's, hello Toronto's diverse future" (#to4e)

06:52 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, looking for the door

06:58 am

[CAT] Twelve photos from the TOT Cat Café, 298 College Street

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11:14 am

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

02:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Podium Concepts Revealed at Church & Wellesley Consultation"

02:28 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Cresford Unveils Plans for 98-Storey Tower at Yonge & Gerrard"

02:31 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "City’s stomach offers perennial access point to Toronto’s soul"

02:35 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Landmark Toronto building listed for sale at $1"

02:37 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Yonge Loves Pedestrians"

02:39 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Honest Ed's redevelopment shows what it takes to make a Village"

02:43 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto Housing Market May Need Vancouver-Style Cooling, RBC Says"

11:31 am

[PHOTO] Five photos from Woodbine Beach, Toronto

11:50 am

[PHOTO] Five photos of the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal at night

12:02 pm

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

07:49 am

[PHOTO] Maisonneuve Monument, at night

07:51 am

[PHOTO] Green Lawn, Kew Gardens Tennis Club

11:21 am

[BLOG] Some Monday links

11:39 am

[LINK] "Was the Manning Conference the whole picture of Canadian conservatism?"

11:42 am

[LINK] "Former religious freedom ambassador warns conservatives that ‘Canadian values’ talk is full

11:45 am

[LINK] "Charlie Angus launches NDP leadership bid, punk rock style"

05:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Indie bookstores angered by Toronto Arts Council grant to IFOA"

05:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Finally – free WiFi in Toronto is coming to Queen West"

05:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto is getting an Anishinaabe restaurant"

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08:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "High rent could make Toronto a 'generational ghost town'"

09:05 pm

[LINK] "Giant Tiger and other discounters in expansion mode"

09:22 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Strike Against Hitlerism"

02:00 pm

[PHOTO] Bank of Montreal Head Office, night

02:12 pm

[PHOTO] Looking west, Exhibition Place


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