07:03 am

[PHOTO] Celebrating 2017, Queen Street, Charlottetown

07:05 am

[PHOTO] Sixteen photos of Kew and Woodbine beaches west from the Leuty Lifeguard Station, Toronto

05:37 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

06:05 pm

[NEWS] FOur space science links, from Mars to TRAPPIT-1 to Gliese 710 to starships

09:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: tenant protection and strikes, front vegetable gardens, Yonge taxes

10:19 pm

[NEWS] Four links about North America: Canada and Mexico in NAFTA, Mexican aid, Houston, Puerto Rico

12:33 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, looking up while curled

12:34 am

[PHOTO] Panorama, Woodbine Beach, Toronto

08:27 am

[PHOTO] In the greenhouse at Jewell's, Marshfield, Prince Edward Island

08:51 am

[PHOTO] Fifteen photos taken along Humber Bay in evening, Marilyn Bell Park and points west


11:42 am

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

02:34 pm

[NEWS] Five links: Greyhound in Canada, militarized Hamptons, Tohono O'odham, Rohingya, memes

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02:41 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on mass transit struggles and poor planning and demolition in Toronto

11:58 am

[PHOTO] Wall of Anne merchandise, Avonlea Village, Prince Edward Island

01:28 pm

[PHOTO] Looking up Lower Spadina from Queens Quay

05:05 pm

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

05:23 pm

[NEWS] Four links on Brexit: the radical left, a disinterested EU-27, Dublin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam

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08:07 pm

[NEWS] Four Canada links: migration, CNE origami, Parks Canada in #Canada150, and Trans-Canada Trail

12:57 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

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01:43 pm

[PHOTO] Flag of Prince Edward Island, Avonlea Village

02:02 pm

[PHOTO] Eleven photos of "LESS IS MORE OR" at the Toronto-Dominion Centre (#lessismoreor)

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12:29 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

04:55 pm

[PHOTO] Telus House Toroto 3D Light Sculpture, Toronto

05:17 pm

[PHOTO] Five photos of the gardens of Avonlea Village, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

05:24 pm

[NEWS] Four LGBTQ links, from psychological issues to gay-friendly Muslims to Chechen refugees

09:43 pm

[NEWS] Four environment items from down east: Halifax Harbour, PEI flowers, NB sea urchins, Québec

10:31 pm

[NEWS] Five notes about the future of agriculture: the Island, Eurasia, Toronto, Netherlands

12:04 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

12:32 pm

[PHOTO] Three photos of the CN Tower, lit red

12:43 pm

[PHOTO] Red soil of Prince Edward Island, Avonlea Village

12:46 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four TTC links: buses, a date for Line 1 opening, Athanasopoulos transfer collectors

11:46 am

[PHOTO] On the half house at 54 1/2 St. Patrick Avenue

03:37 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Two notes on the legacy of departiing Toronto city planner Jennifer Keesmaat

05:19 pm


05:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes about East Asian cities facing the future

07:23 pm

[PHOTO] Six photos taken around Avonlea Village, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

08:32 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

11:20 am

[PHOTO] Reprint, commemorative Confederation map of the Island, Long River Church

11:39 am

[PHOTO] Nearly home, Dupont at Dufferin

02:39 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

06:39 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five links on a changing Toronto: the Ward, Yorkville development, school crowding

08:52 pm

[NEWS] Five science and technology links: Chinese fields, Vancouver bananas, geothermal, space

09:01 pm

[NEWS] Four National Post links: Nootka Island, satanic panic, Iceland volcanoes, Norton anthology


08:28 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, looking up at the noise

08:32 am

[PHOTO] Front yard zinnias, Delaware Avenue

08:41 am

[PHOTO] Four photos of the exterior of the Long River Presbyterian Church, Avonlea Village, PEI

12:08 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

03:21 pm

[NEWS] Three links about exoplanetary systems and extraterrestrial life

03:27 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: Doug Ford, marijuana, Airbnb, Lower Don Trail

09:00 pm

[PHOTO] Four articles about photography: Instagram, HIV/AIDS, Instagram hunks, Google photo apps

09:08 am

[PHOTO] Church of the Holy Name, 73 Gough Avenue

05:04 pm

[PHOTO] Five photos of the interior of Long River Presbyterian Church, Avonlea Village, PEI

09:25 am

[PHOTO] Six photos of the Alexander the Great Parkette on the Danforth

11:41 am

[PHOTO] Anne of Green Gables doll, Green Gables Heritage Place, PEI

02:32 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

06:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on Toronto: Doug Ford, parking garages, department stores, temp workers

08:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on the Canadian struggle to land the second headquarters of Amazon

08:28 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes about urban change: Hamilton, Victoria, the Legion, St. James Park

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11:54 pm

[DM] "On the labour shortages of Sarufutsu, Hokkaido"

06:59 am

[PHOTO] Bloor/Gladstone aglow

02:08 pm

[PHOTO] Five photos from around the farm, Green Gables Heritage Place, PEI

02:46 pm

[ISL] Four links about Islands: Ainoshima and Ed Sheeran, Tasmania, Barbuda, Salt Spring Island

07:13 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

09:30 pm

[NEWS] Four science and technology links: exoplanets seeing Earth, encyclopedias, robots, gaydar

08:45 am

[PHOTO] Mural, Cabbagetown Corner Convenience, Parliament Street

09:01 am

[PHOTO] Five photos of the scenes to see before you enter Green Gables

01:07 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

04:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes about politics and mass transit in Toronto

04:39 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes about culture in Toronto: photos, CNE and Charles Pachter, theatre, LMM

10:01 pm

[NEWS] Three links from eastern Europe: Bulgaria and Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia and Abkhazia

08:26 am

[PHOTO] Green Gables House circa 1966, seen at the Ryerson Image Centre

08:38 am

[PHOTO] CN Tower in red and blue, from the AGO

12:09 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

03:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five links: Toronto affordable housing, public art, Montréal flag, co-housing, Islands

07:58 pm

[NEWS] Five links about Amazon: HQ2 in Canada, US cities, Amazon Prime, monopolies, CamperForce

08:27 am

[PHOTO] Nine photos of Rita Letendre: Fire & Light

12:09 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

02:33 pm

[NEWS] Four blogospheric links about the achievements of Saturn probe Cassini

02:40 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto notes: Gibraltar Point, Centreville carousel, condo designss, Estonians

08:26 pm

[NEWS] Five links about a changing world: Beyak, Congo, creative cities, 1990s Russia, queer

08:44 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, briefly at rest

08:45 am

[URBAN NOTE] Not a public laneway, east of Queen's Park

12:00 pm

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

03:04 pm

[NEWS] Three notes about the past and the future of Nunavut

03:10 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Three notes about the future of mass transit and infrastructure in Toronto

10:46 am

[PHOTO] Eleven photos of Eliot's Bookshop, Toronto

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01:40 pm

[PHOTO] Fifteen photos of the interior of Green Gables House, Cavendish, PEI

05:24 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

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08:04 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: East Chinatown, Leslieville and east, Kirby GO, TTC, Eden Smith

08:11 pm

[NEWS] Four links about problematic history: swastika, Cornwallis River, castle restoration, humans

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11:04 am

[PHOTO] Twenty photos of Yonge Street during Open Streets (#openstreetsto)

12:43 pm

[PHOTO] Green Gables House, Cavendish, PEI, as seen from the east

02:31 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

05:20 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes about the changes and failures of Toronto: food banks, sidewalks, transit

07:48 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes about changing cities in Canada: Hamilton, Edmonton, Cornwall, Antigonish

07:54 pm

[NEWS] Four environment links: disasters, Tibetan soil flowing, lobsters, flooding

12:09 pm

[PHOTO] Twelve photos of Fort York underneath the city

01:33 pm

[PHOTO] Nine photos of the Haunted Woods Trail, Cavendish, PEI

02:29 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

04:50 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: TTC promotion, condo intersections, Bombardier, Centreville

07:09 pm

[NEWS] Five science and technology links: Darjeeling tea, Fitbits, cannabis, PrEP, Planet Nine

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07:22 pm

[NEWS] Four pop culture links: Moana and Maori pride, gay bookstores, a fake German beach, gay Trek

11:55 pm

[DM] "On a devastating hurricane season in the Caribbean and migration futures"

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09:55 am

[PHOTO] Thirteen photos of Trillium Park and the William G. Davis Trail (#trilliumpark)

10:07 am

[PHOTO] Three photos of the Cavendish Cemetery, Cavendish, PEI

01:10 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

04:48 pm

[NEWS] Five notes about things splitting apart: Catalonia, First Nations, Brexit, NAFTA, Iceland

04:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto notes: air conditioning, Kent Monkman, ISIS at Canadian Tire, minimum wage

07:46 am

[PHOTO] Three photos of the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto, at twilight

08:02 am

[PHOTO] Grave of Lucy Maud Montgomery, Cavendish Cemetery, PEI

12:38 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: street art, journalism, police, Cheri DiNovo, transit at Dundas West

04:07 pm

[NEWS] Five migration links: Canada, Latin America, DREAMers, Québec, LGBTQ refugees

04:11 pm

[NEWS] Four science links: Neanderthals, oceans and computers, Brazil rainforest, water on Vesta

10:41 pm

[CAT] Shakespeare, looking up at the camera

10:58 am

[PHOTO] Five (or six) photos of the sun setting at Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

12:01 pm

[PHOTO] Looking west on Route 6 at 13, Cavendish, PEI

01:15 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

05:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four blogTO links: Niagara Falls, Kensington Market, 450 Pape, Toronto Book Garden

08:25 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto notes: High Park Avenue, Union Station to Queens Quay, new condos

08:29 pm

[NEWS] Four notes on the future: Toronto-Montréal hyperloop, brain hacking, Puerto Rico, Germany

11:53 pm

[DM] What demographic issues do you think deserve coverage?

08:36 am

[PHOTO] Eight photos of HTO Park, Toronto

09:55 am

[PHOTO] Fields of Cavendish, PEI

01:11 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

02:02 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: rent control, Toronto Islands, 401 Richmond, amalgamation

07:32 pm

[NEWS] Six LGBTQ links: United States, Egypt, nu disco, Patrick Kelly, Alan Cumming, Will & Grace

09:57 am

[PHOTO] Emu of High Park Zoo

10:03 am

[PHOTO] United Church of Canada, Cavendish, PEI

01:10 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

04:36 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Ontario links: minimum wage, Toronto, Petersborough, Prince Edward County

04:41 pm

[ISL] Four Hawai'i links: Molokai, nuclear attack, doctor shortages, coffee leaf tea

08:43 pm

[NEWS] Seven science and tech links: GW170814, birds and dinosaurs, asteroid belts, oceans, energy

01:35 pm

[PHOTO] Two capybaras of High Park, Toronto

01:37 pm

[PHOTO] United Church of Canada, Cavendish, and Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home, PEI

10:30 am

[PHOTO] Déjeuner sur l'herbe: Canada geese feeding at Humber Bay Park East

10:46 am

[PHOTO] Four photos of the site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home

03:30 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

06:22 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Videoflicks, ghost service, Rob Ford football, parks, real estate

06:31 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four community links: Newfoundland politics, goldfish, Grenfell tower, water disasters

09:30 pm

[NEWS] Five links about vulnerability: parrots, Uighurs, indigenous peoples, fangsheng, Jones Act

01:08 am

[CAT] Shakespeare, against the blanket

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11:46 am

[BLOG] Some Saturday links

05:30 pm

[NEWS] Five Toronto links: Bloordale towers, St. Regis, Toronto design failures, North Market, books

06:39 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four links about Toronto Nuit Blanche 2017 (#nbto17)

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