12:00 pm

[PHOTO] Southbound train at Eglinton

02:07 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Mystery tunnel built by two young guys ‘to hang out,’ police say"

05:07 pm

[LINK] Edwin Lyngar of Salon on the problems of libertarianism in Honduras

05:14 pm

[LINK] "Is Weibo on the way out?"

05:16 pm

[LINK] "Real Paleo Diet: Early Hominids Ate Just About Everything"

05:19 pm

[LINK] "The 1977 Tablet Computer That Took Up an Entire Room"

05:23 pm

[LINK] Abraham Riesman in the Vulture on the Success of Harley Quinn

05:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Tabor Hill Ossuary"

09:51 pm

[BLOG] On the death of Leonard Nimoy

10:55 pm

[DM] "The Tragedy of Canada's Census"

12:59 pm

[PHOTO] The new Dufferin Station aglow

02:46 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links


06:11 pm

[LINK] "The Putin Effect on Post-Soviet Economies"

06:18 pm

[LINK] "The Ecology of What We Write"

06:22 pm

[ISL] 'Ada Kaleh, an Ottoman Atlantis on the Danube"

06:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "BIKE THINK TANK: Ridership numbers continue to grow"

06:28 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The rise and fall of the Kingston Road motel strip"

10:48 pm

[DM] "On the potential demise of the quinquennial census of Australia"

11:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Redevelopment of Honest Ed’s in Toronto holds several surprises"

02:56 pm

[PHOTO] Construction crane amid traffic, Yonge and Eglinton

03:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the Toronto Maple Leafs, social media, and performance anxiety

06:15 pm

[LINK] "Seeing Ceres: Then and Now"

06:18 pm

[LINK] "Bright Spots on Ceres Likely Ice, Not Cryovolcanoes"

06:21 pm

[LINK] "Astro-boom offers big bang for the buck in Chile"

06:24 pm

[LINK] "The girl who gets gifts from birds"

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06:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Torontoist on Eastern Commerce College and its basketball team

08:58 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

12:59 pm

[PHOTO] At Christie, looking towards Bathurst

03:08 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links


06:11 pm

[LINK] On the possible extensive water oceans of early Mars

06:17 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Toronto tunnel’s builder comes forward, says it wasn’t really a tunnel at all"

06:21 pm

[LINK] "Decades of human waste have made Mount Everest a ‘fecal time bomb’"

06:25 pm

[LINK] "China’s Huawei Unveils Luxury Watch in Bid to Rival Apple’s"

06:26 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Vintage Toronto Ads: A Taste of Hungary"

06:29 pm

[ISL] Peter Rukavina on the Rise of the Cyberneticists on Prince Edward Island

10:58 am

[PHOTO] On the endless runner game of Google Chrome for Android

03:42 pm

[META] My readers, what would you like from A Bit More Detail?

07:31 pm

[LINK] "US moving to deport Bosnians over war crimes: report"

07:33 pm

[LINK] "Estonia Can Handle Putin's Soft Power"

07:36 pm

[LINK] "Russian Karelia looks to the past and future"

07:39 pm

[LINK] "Quebec’s maturing French pilgrimage"

10:50 pm

[LINK] "From Belgium to Syria and back: How an altar boy became an ISIL admirer"

10:55 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Brooklyn Bridge repair is $100 million over budget, completion date gets pushed back"

10:56 pm

[LINK] "How the Sahara Keeps the Amazon Green"

10:58 pm

[LINK] "Northerners debate uranium mine and caribou effects"

01:14 pm

[CAT] Shakespeare, alerted

02:37 pm

[META] What photos would you like to see?

02:36 pm

[PHOTO] Waiting for the next train at St. George, after a short-turning

08:40 am

[PHOTO] My old Microsoft mouse

11:13 am

[PHOTO] Looking south down Dovercourt at Hallam

12:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Riding the Union-Pearson Express"

03:10 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

06:29 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Where The Hell Are Those Subway Countdown Clocks We Were Promised?"

06:33 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Wonderful Somaliland’: Self-declared country aims for spot on tourist map"

06:37 pm

[LINK] "Irish town builds memorial to thank Native Americans who helped during Famine"

06:40 pm

[LINK] "China’s Arthur C. Clarke"

06:42 pm

[LINK] "Who is Aleksandr Dugin?"

09:00 pm

[LINK] "Terry Pratchett's Joyful, Absurd, Human Fantasy"

11:52 am

[PHOTO] "Lost Cat", Dupont Street

01:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "The Changing Landscape of Toronto’s Purpose-Built Rental Market"

05:35 am

[PHOTO] Alley off of Bloor in the Annex

10:55 am

[BLOG] Some Monday links

03:06 pm

[NEWS] Three links on the import of the global ocean of Ganymede

05:47 pm

[LINK] Two Al Jazeera links on the island of Socotra, Yemen

05:48 pm

[LINK] "Gigaom is dead. Long live Gigaom"

05:51 pm

[LINK] "Are Seattle Restaurants Closing in “Record Numbers”? (Spoiler: No.)"

05:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "“Fun and frolic” at a Toronto double hanging"

05:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Historicist: Sir John A. Macdonald’s Last Hurrah"

09:42 pm

[DM] "Why Is Spain's Population Loss An Economic Problem?"

12:08 pm

[PHOTO] 1968, from year of revolution to perfume ad fodder

03:00 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

06:21 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "80-storey tower planned for Stollerys site at Yonge and Bloor"

06:25 pm

[LINK] "Why Alanis still matters"

06:28 pm

[LINK] "Via train plot trial: The strange non-defence of Chiheb Esseghaier"

06:30 pm

[LINK] "Chip Zdarsky Strikes Again"

06:33 pm

[LINK] "Medium gets a little more Twitter-like, and a little more blog-like"

10:50 pm

[LINK] "St. Patrick's Day tradition made in U.S., not Ireland"

11:48 pm

[DM] "Some St. Patrick's Day notes on how Irish immigrants became integrated into Toronto"

09:43 am

[PHOTO] Restaurant equipment for sale at By The Way

03:12 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "‘Daddy smoked crack': Toronto’s former mayor Rob Ford"

06:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Why Do Severed Goat Heads Keep Turning Up in Brooklyn?"

06:19 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Manhattan Studios Set Rent Record as Tenants Go Small"

06:21 pm

[ISL] "Philippine Billionaire Razon to Buy Korean Island in Casino Push"

06:23 pm

[LINK] "After 70 years apart, North and South Koreans speak increasingly different languages"

06:26 pm

[LINK] The Vulture on Fan Fiction

08:59 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

04:17 pm

[PHOTO] What I saw when I picked up the last Xtra!

03:09 pm

[PHOTO] The curving tunnel looking east of Dufferin

03:13 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "U.S. economist touts Scarborough as 'best ethnic food suburb'"

05:44 pm

[LINK] "Google, a Search Company, Has Made Its Internet Archive Impossible to Search"

05:48 pm

[LINK] "Nogales, Mexico, the city of the deported"

05:51 pm

[LINK] "Passports for a Price: The Business Showing Poor Countries How to Sell Citizenship"

05:53 pm

[LINK] "Japan's Cautionary Tale for South Korea"

05:56 pm

[LINK] Transitions Online on Crimea one year after the Russian annexation

05:59 pm

[BRIEF NOTE] On the false dream of Project Orion

01:55 pm

[META] On technical problems and the future

02:00 pm

[CAT] Shakespeare, bemused by the late hour

02:02 pm

[PHOTO] TTC selfie, approaching Yonge and Bloor

05:11 pm

[LINK] "Singapore, the country run like a corporation"

05:16 pm

[LINK] On the planned relocation of Aborigine communities in Australia

05:18 pm

[LINK] "Tintin comic temporarily pulled from Winnipeg Chapters over racism complaint"

05:21 pm

[LINK] "Why Nemtsov's Murder Got Pinned on Chechens"

05:23 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Parkdale tenants battle back-to-back rent increases"

05:25 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Montreal's gay village seeking ways to reinvent itself"

09:18 pm

[DM] On the case of Open Borders

10:10 pm

[BRIEF NOTE] On the justified controversy around the Joker variant cover of Batgirl #41

11:59 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

09:08 am

[PHOTO] Looking southwest across Suffering at Bloor

12:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On what the leak at College Station means about TTC underfunding

03:36 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

06:36 pm

[LINK] "Topless woman removed from House of Commons after protesting anti-terror bill"

06:42 pm

[LINK] "Jupiter May Have Killed Solar System's Baby Super-Earths"

06:44 pm

[LINK] "Former Orca Trainer For SeaWorld Condemns Its Practices"

06:47 pm

[LINK] "Salvadoran Maquila Plants Use Gang Members to Break Unions"

06:51 pm

[LINK] "Coffee Harvest in Indonesia Expanding to Record on Rainfall"

06:55 pm

[LINK] "For Brazilians in Manhattan, Window-Shopping Is Now All the Rage"

10:47 pm

[DM] "Two news articles on the demographic exception that is France"

11:55 am

[PHOTO] Train stopped on the tracks, Bartlett north of Dupont

02:45 pm

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

06:54 pm

[LINK] "What’s in a name? A Chipewyan’s battle over her native tongue"

06:56 pm

[LINK] "‘Ni Boisekoa naiz’: Keeping Basque alive in Idaho"

06:58 pm

[LINK] "Banking Enclave of Andorra Shaken by U.S. Accusations"

07:00 pm

[LINK] "Refugees pay more income tax than millionaire investor immigrants"

07:02 pm

[LINK] "U.S. Cuts Off Economic Lifeline to Somalia"

07:05 pm

[LINK] "Surveillance shouldn’t be the new normal"

08:58 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the imminent arrival of Jollibee in Toronto

11:51 pm

[DM] On Jollibee, the Philippines, and diaspora economics

11:32 am

[PHOTO] Food court under construction, Yonge Eglinton Centre

03:37 pm

[BLOG] Some Thursday links


06:16 pm

[LINK] "Why Chinese Tourists Love Japan"

06:20 pm

[LINK] "Egypt, Sudan Edge Toward Cooperation on Ethiopia’s Nile Dam"

06:22 pm

[LINK] "The Scottish Streets Where a U.K. Election Will Be Won or Lost"

06:27 pm

[LINK] "Venezuelan doctors face tough choices as economic crisis worsens"

06:29 pm

[LINK] "Norway’s sovereign wealth holds lessons for Canada"

06:32 pm

[LINK] "Can’t Get There from Here? Writing Place and Moving Narratives"

10:53 pm

[MUSIC] Eurythmics, "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me"

11:14 pm

[BRIEF NOTE] On how the Germanwings crash shows how much we depend on trust

10:27 am

[PHOTO] Melting ice, Church and Wellesley

03:22 pm

[BLOG] Some Friday links

06:54 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Maple Leafs’ ticket sales continue to fall"

06:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Sister cities: Can Toronto and Montreal set aside their sibling rivalry?"

06:59 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Price gap between new houses and condos hits $300K in Toronto"

07:00 pm

[LINK] "Armenia’s foreign policy: between dependence and complementarity"

07:03 pm

[LINK] "Socioenvironmental Catastrophe Emerges from the Ashes of Patagonia’s Forests"

07:05 pm

[LINK] On the oddity of Nova Vulpeculae 1670, aka CK Vulpeculae

09:00 pm

[ISL] "Photographer captures incredible images of P.E.I.’s worst winter in memory"

11:44 am

[CAT] Shakespeare from above

04:11 pm

[BRIEF NOTE] On the demise of Future Shop

04:53 pm

[CAT] "Bubba the cat found after 40 days under snow-covered deck"

04:57 pm

[CAT] "Music Made for Cats Wins Feline Approval"

05:13 pm

[CAT] On the cat island of Aoshima, Japan

09:58 am

[PHOTO] Saturday evening in the Village

02:18 pm

[BLOG] Some Monday links

06:35 pm

[LINK] "Bizarre Bulge Found on Ganymede, Solar System's Largest Moon"

06:39 pm

[LINK] "Sturgeon Says Nationalists Can Win Every Seat in Scotland"

06:40 pm

[LINK] "Wooly Mammoth Genes Inserted into Elephant Cells"

06:42 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the future of renting in Toronto

06:45 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Exploring Halifax’s secret underground world"

06:47 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "That time Toronto almost built the subway to the Lake"

09:28 pm

[WRITING] On being published in the Quora Anthology 2014

12:01 pm

[PHOTO] Ryerson University's Student Learning Centre

03:32 pm

[WRITING] "Fast Writing: Ethnography in the Digital Age"

06:07 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On Goa dreaming of being Singapore

06:14 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "Target moves to shut all Canadian stores faster than planned"

06:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] "New Battle Lines Drawn in War on Raccoon"

06:18 pm

[LINK] "The last of Danielle Smith"

06:20 pm

[LINK] "Stranded Yemeni-Americans consider alternate escape routes"

06:22 pm

[LINK] Three links on the emergent pan-Arab military force

09:00 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

11:18 pm

[DM] "Is Finland's Economy Suffering From Secular Stagnation?"

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